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Proposed Satanic Statue Creates Religious Controversy

Proposed Satanic Statue Creates Religious Controversy

PROPOSED SATANIC STATUE CREATES RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY – America has once again found itself in turmoil and under fire from within because of religious differences and intolerance.  The satanic church has recently applied for a permit to place a statue of their figurehead on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  As you can see in the picture below, satan is shown on a throne as a bearded, goat-headed, winged hominid with horns, flanked by two children and surrounded by satanic emblems, like the pentagram, the torch and familiar hand gesture.

Satanic Statue Creates Religious Controversy

Model of proposed statue

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Religious freedom, intolerance of different religions and ignorance continually fan the flames of prejudice and war around the globe and in the United States it is no different.  Here, many citizens whether they are Christians or not, believe the country was founded on Christian values and should continue to uphold those values in as much as they do not infringe on personal freedom.

In fact, a recent nationwide survey showed that 85% of the public considers themselves ‘Christian’ and as such, would find anything to do with satan offensive.   What is surprising is that despite the supposedly high number of ‘Christians’, churches are shrinking in attendance and divorce, unwed mothers, sexual misconduct and pornography is at an all-time high.  If that wasn’t enough, it also appears that every country outside the US no longer considers the US to be Christian or godly.

The US has been struggling with religion since its beginning.  The US is a country born out of travelers seeking religious freedom not found in their own country; who then turned around and forced their beliefs on the Native Americans already living here.

Since then, little has changed and is clearly evident once you realize that on the law books of every city across America there are out dated laws based upon biblical interpretation of the times; such as making it illegal to be drunk at a polling booth or to spread false rumors about disease.

In another town, adultery and fornication is considered illegal and an offense against the city punishable with a short jail sentence and a fine. Even the “blue laws” still practiced in some southern states which inhibit the sales of non-essential items like alcohol, clothing or automobiles on Sunday were set in place to “keep the Sabbath holy.”

In the past, immigrants who came to America wanted to be American, to work hard and achieve the American Dream. That is no longer true and the very fabric of the nation is crumbling under our feet.   Today’s immigrants want to come to America and stand apart; to still practice their way of life, their language and customs while enjoying the benefits that our country has over their homeland.

This also includes their religion.

Yesteryear’s immigrants came to America from Europe and held many of the same beliefs.  It wasn’t until there was an influx of immigrants from non-Christian countries that we were brought face to face with religious differences and yet, many of them converted to the accepted form of religion held by the majority. Today’s immigrants not only hold onto their religion and their religious practices but have their own places of worship and as a country, we now recognize some of their holidays and teach our school children about them in the name of diversity and understanding.

So if we are striving to teach our children about other cultures to eliminate prejudice, what is behind the uproar surrounding the statue?  Anyone can tell you, no matter what their belief that God and satan are enemies-it is a universal truth.  Christians may not agree or like other religions but nothing raises their anger and fear like satanism, although the Muslim religion is very close.

Personally, I do not care for the statue but it has more to do with its appearance than what it represents and my opinion should not make any difference on where it is placed; however I feel that as a nation, we are at a crossroads when it comes to religious symbols being displayed on government grounds.  Over the years, we have seen prayer pulled out of schools and the Ten Commandments, one of the most recognizable symbols of Christianity taken out of courts, schools and other government buildings around the country.

Those who oppose Christian observances and symbolism often and incorrectly throw around the phrase “separation of church and state,” which was originally instated to prevent religion or civil authority from influencing or controlling one another.  In simpler terms, the government cannot restrict what religion can do and religion cannot cause the government to accept their doctrine as legal policy for all.  It was instituted to protect religious freedom and promote the umbrella of “one nation” according to civil liberties.

Back to the satanic statue; should the permit to build on government grounds be allowed?  At the crossroads once again, a decision must be made by the American people; if one religion is allowed, then ALL religions must be allowed.  It is not a denial of our historic roots, our forefathers’ beliefs or the very ideals we uphold as a nation if we do or do not allow displays on government property.

It may seem to many Americans as though we are being overrun and torn apart with the influx of so many cultures and religions, but we must not at all cost take away the freedoms that we hold so dear from someone else simply because they believe or live their life differently.  There is no doubt that the firestorm this has created will continue for some time and until the state of Oklahoma makes a decision about the permit, we should all take a chill pill and relax.

If the permit is granted, no doubt there will be more upheaval and proposals from other religions across the country and if it is denied, then you can count on a movement to remove the Ten Commandments.  Either way, this is just the beginning.

The statue may appear to be about religion, but it is about something bigger.  It is a statement to all Americans and in a way, to countries around the world that America either is or is not, the “Land of the Free.”

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