Psychologists Call for Cyber Bullies to be Prosecuted

by Editor | May 10, 2014 2:36 am

PSYCHOLOGISTS CALL FOR CYBER BULLIES TO BE PROSECUTED – According to research undertaken by Nottingham Trent University bullying is now more prevalent across the social networks than it is face-to-face and the growing trend is leaving more and more children vulnerable to self harm or even suicide.

Full Story … Daily Mail says … We’ve lost count as to the number of articles we’ve published concerning internet trolls and on so many occasions these articles involve the death, by suicide, of a young person.

Trust us when we say that reading about the loss of a young life and writing about it bears no comparison as to how one feels for it takes time and consideration to pen any article and in these incidences it has a profound effect.

Whilst many people read of such tragedy most are able to walk away and often forget within a few hours, but when you write it stays with you and you often re-live what you write on a daily basis.

Here are just some of the heartbreaking articles we’ve published over the last 18 months:

Izzy Dix: Time to Stop Bullying

Sinead Taylor Bullied to Death

Girl 17 Gang Raped and Taunted then Commits Suicide

The articles above are by no means the entire sum of all that has been written but clearly shows that society, with the birth of the internet and the social networks, have allowed many to engage in the taunting of others with devastating consequence and they do this simply because there appears to be little consequence to their actions.

Over the past few months the Government has been considering an amendment to the Child Neglect law; the amendment has been dubbed the Cinderella Law in which children will be able to prosecute their parents if they feel ‘starved of love’.

At what point must we allow Government to control our every waking moment from the cradle to the grave?  Are parents now so inept and incapable that we need laws to ensure we give our children sufficient love?

The issue here is that children are not born good; yes we like to think that all children are born good but in reality all children are born inherently bad and indeed narcissistic.

If you think we’ve got this wrong then watch the video below; you might just come to the conclusion that without firm parenting children face the very real prospect of becoming completely unruly and with the clear rise in bad behaviour it now could be said that all these laws that effectively prevent parents from admonishing their children could be the underlying reason for the rise in bad behaviour.

Now that you have considered the content of the video you need to ask whether constant legislation in restricting parents from teaching their children right from wrong isn’t in fact the root of all the problems.

We certainly have seen a rise in society pointing the finger at bad parenting when a child goes off the straight and narrow but effectively the parents hands are now tied and as long as this continues children will grow up thinking they are untouchable and may engage in any type anti-social behaviour, even if that results in the death of another, without consequence.

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