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Put UK Flood Victims FIRST Mr Cameron

Put UK Flood Victims FIRST Mr Cameron

PUT UK FLOOD VICTIMS FIRST MR CAMERON – You may not be a fan of the Daily Mail but it is unquestionable considering their media might that they are able to rally public opinion due to the vast number of readers they attract to their online publication.

Over the last 2 weeks the public consensus is being swayed in that many now feel the £11 billion Foreign Aid budget needs diverting and considering the devastation that charity needs to begin at home.

It was Nigel Farage of UKIP that recently came out and appealed to David Cameron’s sense of duty, morality and above all humanity with views that the Foreign Aid budget could be far better used at home rather than handing billions of pounds over to despot dictators of foreign governments where effectively most of the cash is stolen.


UKIP Calls for Foreign Aid Budget to be Diverted to Help Flood Victims at Home

This sentiment was quickly reverberated around the UK and yet Mr. Cameron appears to be pondering the subjected and flapping around in indecisiveness whilst thousands of people’s homes are under water.

A number of charity organisations are now clearly shaming the Government as they come to help in any way they can – such shows what can be achieved when the British unite.


Khalsa Aid Helps UK Flood Victims

Today the Daily Mail is running a petition which every UK citizen should sign.  It is a letter to demand that foreign aid is diverted in order to help the flood victims; you can participate by completing the form here.

Within the article the Daily Mail also unravels some of the ways in which the taxpayer’s £11 billion is spent and trust me not much of it produces any tangible results, either for the recipient country or the UK.

Frankly you can cut the cake any way you like but the stark reality is that the £11 billion foreign aid budget is rife with corruption, inefficiency and is often handed over just to appease the liberal politically correct ideologies; some critics warn that the foreign aid budget is little more than a way to force taxpayer’s to hand over cash in order to stroke the egos of politicians with meaningless projects.

As the Daily Mail points out we have issues such as the £1.2 million donation to the World Bank’s flood prevention and control scheme. Alongside that debacle was a further £986,000 to protect the biosphere in developing countries… yes it really is ludicrous and yet here are British taxpaying citizen suffering from one of the worst floods in history and Mr. Cameron and his cronies are simply clueless as to how to handle it.

Yes maybe someone ought to tell Mr. Cameron that Government is more about adequate management rather than simply attempting to throw money at a problem by employing more inept and incompetent friends and family members.

Of course we talk about charity starting at home; the only problem is that Mr. Cameron hasn’t taken this concept above and beyond his own friends and family members.

In all honesty if this situation doesn’t sink Mr. Cameron’s chanced of a re-election in 2015 then I don’t know what would… the public have now adequately been able to weigh Mr. Cameron and he has been found wanting in a number of areas; none more so than in compassion for the British people.

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