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Putin’s Ignorant Insult to Gay People

Putin’s Ignorant Insult to Gay People

PUTIN’S IGNORANT INSULT TO GAY PEOPLE – Vladimir Putin last night ignorantly attacked the gay community declaring; ‘Homosexuals will be welcome to the Olympics so long as they leave the children alone.’

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They say ignorance is bliss and it appears that those plagued by homophobia are extremely blissful for their fears and perceptions, if Vladimir Putin’s remarks are anything to go by, are the extreme heights of ignorance; one wonders if indeed sufficient oxygen is getting to the brain.

If I was Mr. Putin the last thing I would worry about is gay people attending the Olympics for history clearly defines their activities, especially when demonstrating for their rights, to be nothing short of promoting love and peace for all mankind, whereas the issues with Islamic terrorism currently ravaging Sochi can be clearly defined as terror, mayhem and murder  – yes Mr. Putin really ought to get his priorities straight; for the want of a better word.

Mr. Putin, in his vile ignorant rant, went on to say that homosexuals must be aware of Russia’s laws in that they may not express their views on gay rights issues to anyone under the age of sexual consent.

Did Mr. Putin simply label all gay people as uncontrollable peadophiles because that’s exactly how many homosexuals will be viewing this latest attack?

As a straight person I feel privileged to know many gay people and they are no different to me; in fact where human beings are concerned many are far superior in terms of their views on humanitarian issues – I’ve often found that gay people are more attuned to looking at both sides of the coin rather than taking an often narrow once-sided view as many heterosexuals have a tendency to do; this might be attributed to the fact that they can fully appreciate ignorance and persecution.

Considering Mr. Putin’s open hatred of gay people I often wonder if this might have something to do with his own sexuality; that is he’s a closet gay and fights constantly to suppress his sexuality through vilifying others who are openly homosexual.

Certainly this view has been openly explored in recent times resulting in Mr. Putin publicly denying such a notion.

With the issues of Islamic terrorism currently threatening to turn the Olympic Games into little more than a massacre it is a wonder why any person, gay or straight, would enter a country that is holding a world event that evidently is being targeted by a terrorist organisation.

If Mr. Putin has a choice of either a gay rally or an act of terrorism it appears, in his homophobic state of ignorance, he would rather consider the latter.

Mr. Putin’s latest rant will definitively label him as homophobic and one that undoubtedly declares that homosexuals have no human rights in a country that apparently fears a certain population for all the wrong reasons.

You would think in this so-called age of enlightenment that the issues of sexuality would play no part in what we deem to be a civilized world; obviously the ignorant still have a lot to learn.

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Putin’s Ignorant Insult to Gay People