Queen Fears Red Arrows Axe as it Reaches its 50th Anniversary

by Editor | July 13, 2014 2:21 am

EXPRESS - The RAF’s daredevil aerobatic team, the Red Arrows, faces being disbanded unless a commitment is made to save it within 12 months. Last night the Queen’s first cousin Margaret Rhodes said Her Majesty would have a “tear in her eye” if the Arrows were ditched when the fleet reaches the end of its life span in six years’ time.

A petition has been launched calling for new aircraft once its Hawk T1s ­retire from service in 2020. About 15 new jets would cost an estimated £375million in addition to the £11million annual cost of running the team.

Yet as the elite squadron celebrates its 50th anniversary today its pilots face an uncertain future because when challenged by the Sunday Express no mainstream party would publicly pledge to save them after next year’s general election.

MPs warn any move to axe the “Top Guns” would cause huge damage to the RAF, our aerospace ­industry and Britain’s image as a world power.

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