Racism: Ostracising the Majority to Support the Minority

by Editor | May 14, 2014 4:01 am

RACISM: OSTRACISING THE MAJORITY TO SUPPORT THE MINORITY – The white population of Britain is unquestionably the superior race over all other ethnic groups… period.

That is probably one of the most racist, bigoted and idiotic statements that could ever be written and yet in the minds of the ethnic minorities it is a statement that cannot be challenged for its validity is as pure as its conception.

How could we possibly conceive such a statement to be true, let alone have any validity?

The answer lies as to the section of the population to which racism is directed and according to the ethnic groups racism is perpetrated on a daily basis by the white population; therefore it could be argued that it’s not the white population which thinks they are superior but rather it is the minority ethnic groups that have adopted this ideology.

Why would such an ideology even be given credence in a so-called multicultural cohesive society?

Racism is no longer a core issue of humanity or at least it shouldn’t be but when a religion or culture is openly attacked and whereby it cannot be defended its actions or ideology on a humanitarian level then those perpetrating such an ideology will turn to racism as a way of silencing the masses and in the process demand that people’s democratic rights are stripped from them so that they are no longer able to admonish a particular religion or culture.

We often hear that democracy is under attack; the likes of Nick Clegg and David Cameron will tell you this isn’t the case but whenever have you known a politician to utter an honest word.  The very fact that this article needs writing clearly cements the need to openly discuss an issue and no one ever constructs an article where no issue is prevalent.

The video above is a Channel 4 debate on the issues of free speech.  On the one side you have advocates that contest that everyone has the right to openly express their views regardless as to whether it causes offense for only a  free an open debate can ever address the issues a multicultural society faces.

In opposition there are the Muslims, who feel that free speech and democracy are the core issues that lead to ever growing divided communities and which inevitably lead to violence.

There are a few disturbing instances in the debate in our view.  Firstly the audience was asked whether Channel 4 should show the Danish Cartoons that lead to widespread violence across Europe and indeed in the United Kingdom.

The vote was an overwhelming 69% in favour of the cartoons being shown so that the debate was effectively transparent… in order words what cartoon could have possibly been viewed as so offensive that it would drive the Muslim communities to murder people, engage in acts of rioting and terrorism.

The disturbing element here is that Channel 4 bosses felt that there was no editorial justification for showing the images… effectively Channel 4 denied the public democracy and in our view failed spectacularly in televising a debate on free speech and democracy.

The second most disturbing part came from Imam Ibrahim Mogra, from the Muslim Council of Britain who states that freedom of speech needs regulation because in Islamic countries there are laws that prevent you from saying whatever you like in the pretext of ensuring people cannot cause offense to others.

In another statement Mr. Mogra said that this is not about majority or minority groups; clearly this is a direct attack on democracy for the fundamental principles of a democracy is adhering to majority consensus… you may not always like what you get but democracy is and can only ever be about atoning to the wishes of the majority; this is the very premises of voting in Government and if it does not apply then no Government can be legally formed.

Many people in Britain view Islam as a threat to democracy and this debate clearly uncovered that fact.  What Britain cannot and should not accept is a minority groups ability to dictate what can and cannot be discussed.

Considering this fact is it really that surprising as to why a growing proportion of the population ultimately feel that if such is not to their liking then there are plenty of Islamic state available where they can experience oppression of their basic human rights.

The white population is in fact superior but only in terms of numbers for they are the majority and therefore under a majority rule the minority may contend and debate an issue but it should never be allowed to overrule majority consensus simply because the minority find it offensive to either their religion or culture.

Until this fact, the very fabric of a democratic society, is appreciated and adhered to then racism will become an ever growing factor and used consistently in order to silence the majority and where silence cannot be obtained through rhetoric revert to acts of violence and terrorism in order to silence the population through the perpetration of fear.

It is our view that a multicultural society that is cohesive can be achieved but only once the minority understand and adopt the principles of democracy and free speech for the good and will of the majority.

Before you leave consider this… of all those taking part in the debate above, including members of the audience who feel that we shouldn’t have the democratic right to express our opinions; doesn’t it appear somewhat of a contradiction that they used this debate to express their opinions regardless of how offensive they might be and yet actually oppose the practice of open and free speech?

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