Rail Bosses Massive Pay Award for Failure

RAIL BOSSES MASSIVE PAY AWARD FOR FAILURE – The top five rail bosses are all set to receive a share of £11 million which will be funded by the taxpayer over the next three years.

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How do you get a job that provides you with a salary of over £500,000 a year, plus a long-term bonus of over £500,000 and finally an annual bonus of nearly £800,000?

It’s a good question and the answer is surprising and disturbing.  Firstly you need to get a job in a state run organization; that’s easy enough. Secondly you need to be completely and utterly incompetent.  I guess that rules us out, for only the top jobs, such as being the Prime Minister, are reserved for those who simply cannot perform to any standard whereby the public gets value for their money.

Of course, if you can reach the dizzying heights of absolute and unequivocal incompetence then there appears no limit as to how you can fleece the taxpayer and this is certainly the case with our Rail bosses.

Rail Boss Pay Award

You can see from the earnings chart above that the top five rail bosses are paid outrageous sums.  Yes of course you’ll get the odd Minister or maybe a couple of MPs who condone such pay awards but there is never any action, only hollow rhetoric and mostly jealousy because they’ve not been give the job of fleecing the taxpayer – I mean running the railways; but it’s the same thing.

So what exactly do the commuter and traveler get for their money?  Let me think… oh yes we have a rail system that is falling apart.  We also have a third rate service, smelly and filthy carriages and let’s not forget an operating timetable that might as well be thrown in the bin.

Rail Network Boss Gets Massive Bonus - Image 2

On top of all the rail networks failings the bosses even have the nerve to increase rail fares that exceeds inflation by an extortionate level.

The situation, regarding mismanagement and incompetency, is so atrocious that the firm now faces fines of £75 million.

Does anyone know of any privately operated company that could pay its executives vast salaries and bonuses whilst providing an abysmal service that is bleeding cash and having to pay fines due to poor operational standards and actually survive in the market place?

The answer is no, but we are not talking about a private company we are talking about a state run enterprise that has no real accountability.  David Cameron is not about to sack any of his friends; even if they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people; he made that perfectly clear when the public demanded the sacking of Sir David Nicholson.

We are right back to the austerity measures and how the Government is cutting public spending and whilst the rest of us are suffering those in the halls of power or with top public jobs are creaming the system for all it’s worth.

Well there you have it.  The usual incompetence and what is little more than theft of public funds, the funds we provide by working for peanuts and then being raped by the taxman in order to continue funding incompetent liars.

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