Red Ed Bows to Unite Command

RED ED BOWS TO UNITE COMMAND – After Ed Miliband’s party conference speech there was little doubt who or what is in full control of the Labour Party.

Despite repeated denials by Ed Miliband that Unite Union and its leader Len McCluskey were in fact the real leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband, on the orders of Len McCluskey, finally removed the remaining Blair supporters from the House of Commons.

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Yesterday the last remnants of the Blair era was removed as Ed Miliband sacked Stephen Twigg, the Education spokesman and Liam Byrne, the Work and Pensions spokesman from the Shadow Cabinet – yes and all at the demands of Len McCluskey.

Ed Miliband might well tell you he is in full control but after facing the realisation the Unite and other Unions might cut off financial support it didn’t take him long before he was sniffing around the trouser legs of Len McCluskey begging for the funds to remain in place.

The outcome was as expected, Len McCluskey wrote the speech, sat Ed Miliband on his knee and made him recite the plan for socialism word for word – gottle of geer, gottle of geer.


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I’m afraid that is the true face of most politicians – Ed knows full well that without Union funding the Labour party would crumble and he would be firmly out of a job and with his current skill set there really isn’t much else he’s capable of doing; still there’s no doubt always room for one failed and deluded politician in the EU – just ask Neil Kinnock, even his wife got a job.

Yes Red Ed is denying the allegation that Len McCluskey had anything to do with his decision to remove certain personnel from the Shadow Cabinet which only goes to show the medley of the man and how little spine he truly has.

Ed Miliband - Labour Party Conference 2013

Well what would you do if your boss had threatened to withdraw support that was worth more than £9 million – fold and put aside you moral integrity and political beliefs?  Well that’s what Ed Miliband did and I suspect that’s what any other politician would do.

Some of the opposition party members simply couldn’t restrain themselves, indeed Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary actually took to tweeting Ed Miliband by congratulating Len McCluskey on his successful reshuffle of the Labour front bench.

Former spin doctor for Tony Blair has even come out to say that pretending that Len McCluskey didn’t have a hand in the reshuffle will simply cause more damage to the credibility of the Labour Party – that is if anyone ever suggest it did have any to start with.

It was of course nothing short of an exercise in raw power and a way to keep anyone disloyal to the current socialist regime quiet and of course it repaid Ed Miliband’s debt to Len McCluskey – we finally know who demands the loyalty and indeed where it lays.

It will really have no effect that Len McCluskey was indeed responsible for the sackings for it is likely that the lot of them could have been sacked and the public wouldn’t have noticed a jot of difference; other than not having to fork out for their salaries.

The British public now needs to understand that Len McCluskey is the true face of socialist Labour and if elected in 2015 the public will be submitting themselves to a minimum of four years under Len McCluskey’s socialist rule.


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Yes, not exactly appealing is it.

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