Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

REDDIT CO-FOUNDER AARON SWARTZ COMMITS SUICIDE – It is with profound sadness that we report the suicide of Aaron Swartz, a true pioneer in leading the web into a more open, sharing and caring community.

While rumors are abound with speculation over the reasons for Aaron’s death it remains true to say that he was a troubled young man, which Aaron himself blogged about in 2007.

Aaron dedicated his life to the sharing of data and information online and was responsible for a number of high profile developments, such as being the Co-founder of RSS at just the age of 14 and co-founding Creative Commons, although Google’s Panda Algorithm has all but put a stop to the practice of duplicating content on the web – well done Google for interfering in the spread of information.  Other significant developments included, co-founder Demand Progress, which was the primary campaign against Internet Censorship Bills, such as SOPA and PIPA, and being a member of the Harvard University Ethics Center Lab.

As most fans and followers of Aaron Swartz are now saying; there could be any number of reasons, including his recent indictment over the alleged thief of over 4,000,000 pages from the MIT Journal website, however people do need to look beyond the negative and realize exactly what Aaron has achieved in what is a very short life.

For, Aaron’s passing is a real blow to the ever increasing pressures put on the flow of free information and open debate on the web from the likes of the authorities and giant corporations such as Google.

In our view we have just lost a true bastion in the fight for greater sharing of information on the internet.  While we continue to try and protect our images, video and data, this is all in the name of profit and while all companies do need to make a profit, it is our view that the free sharing of information is vital for mankind, if we are to move ahead as a civilized society – please, in respect of Aaron’s name and legacy, share what you find on the internet and don’t let the likes of Google, through its constant algorithmic developments stifle the flow of information to the world.

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