Registered Paedophile Running a Child Hypnotherapy Clinic

Registered Paedophile Running a Child Hypnotherapy Clinic

REGISTERED PAEDOPHILE RUNNING A CHILD HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC – Timothy Millender, 32, pleaded guilty to possessing 740 images and 106 videos of children as young as six being sexually abused.

Some of the images were categorised as Level 5 by the police; these being the very worst case of abuse possible.

Punishment for his crime?  In fact he wasn’t punished nor did our liberal society deem it fit to even engage in the widely practiced art of ‘rehabilitation’; instead he was handed down a 6 months suspended sentence and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

Within hours of walking out of court, Mr. Millender went straight back to work. His job? That would be working as a child hypnotherapist.

Mr. Millender is listed as one of the directors at Redwood Health Therapies, which specialises in offering treatment for children.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the company was hastily shut down early last week however its website remains fully active.

The clinic is now apparently fully operational again, this time under the trading name of St. Giles Health & Beauty but the company claims to be under new management. Mr. Millender is still listed as one of the directors.

Within days of journalists discovering the new name and publishing it, the premises once again appear to be closed for business.

Whilst many might think that being forced to sign the Sex Offenders Register would be a deterrent, it is in our view, a complete and utter waste of time.

We have already, in March 2013 to be precise, witnessed a child molester have his name rename removed from the Sex Offenders Register after he successfully challenged the courts citing an abuse of his human rights.

It remains a fact that our ‘liberal’ society no longer has the stomach or will to punish criminals; despite the heinous nature of the crime.

Instead we prefer ‘rehabilitation’ for this eases the conscience and supposedly makes us feel more humanitarian towards our fellow members of society.

Under the on-going liberalisation of Britain it’s not even politically correct to refer to those who commit crime as ‘criminals’; no, these are victims of a cruel and uncaring society.

Why was Mr. Millender allowed to walk from court without being imprisoned? The answer again lies within our liberal indoctrination for this has resulted in most of our prisons becoming full of people who are being ‘rehabilitated’ and this is evident when you look at the vast numbers of criminals (victims of society) being continuously handed down suspended sentences time and time again.

Criminals are now fully aware that they are almost untouchable; even if they are subjected to a prison term these are often wrapped in the cotton wool of rehabilitation and provided with what is little more than luxury accommodation.

It might appear the humanitarian thing to do but ultimately what we are allowing is for society to turn its back on the real victims which in turn permits anyone to get away with a crime, no matter how heinous its nature might be.

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