Religious Sensitivity Gone Mad

Religious Sensitivity Gone Mad

RELIGIOUS SENSITIVITY GONE MAD – Did you hear the one about the Islamic preacher who…

Did you hear the one about a Catholic priest who…

No you probably didn’t and even if you did it’s unlikely you wouldn’t repeat such jokes due to our increasing sensitivity to religion.

Michael Palin, one of the Monty Python stars, recently told reporters that it would be impossible today to even consider making Life of Brian for our religious sensitivities have increased to such a level that we almost dare not utter any words that some may find offensive.

The ever increasing issues of Islam are certainly a hot topic but one that is never truly addressed for fear of offending the Muslim community and the reprisals such may bring.

Most of us are fully aware that the book The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie not only caused offense with the Muslim community but also led to a number of death threats; indeed the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa calling for him to be killed in revenge for his novel The Satanic Verses.

There was also the case of a small Danish newspaper that published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed which resulted in its offices being attacked.

Today we live in satirical world for whilst we continuously purport to be an open and democratic society that supports the freedom of speech and expression on one hand we also allow left-wing ideology to indoctrinate us in the quest to be ‘politically correct’ with the other.

Michael Palin actually admitted that whilst Monty Python has ridiculed everyone from the Establishment to Christianity there is one area of comedy far too taboo to make fun of; that being Islam and notably due to the number of armed fanatics.

It appears a very one sided affair; that is it’s almost deemed acceptable and dare I venture righteous for Muslim clerics of the fanatical persuasion to ridicule, even murder, Christians but attempt to put the shoe on the other foot and you’ll find yourself ostracised and even imprisoned for racial discrimination.

The truth is that most western countries are now so tightly wound up in their own satire of political correctness we have lost the ability to laugh and more importantly the ability laugh at ourselves.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I witnessed a Muslim laughing or indeed attempting to have a good time.  Their lives appear forever shrouded in sobriety that prevents them from seeing the funny side of life and even enjoying it.

If you think this is perhaps a cynical view then visit a mosque and see how many smiling faces there are.  In fact try a Muslim wedding and you’ll generally find an unhappy bride and groom who have been forced into matrimony where the guests would look more at home attending a funeral rather than the joyous occasion of two lovers being joined in wedlock.

We Brits have always been little scallywags and we love nothing more than to poke fun at all and sundry and we have always been able to make fun of ourselves.

When I walk along the streets of the UK today I rarely see people smiling and almost never openly laughing.  What happened to us?  Why have we been so easily indoctrinated into the ideology that making a simple joke is so offensive?

There are a growing number of Islamic hate preachers that feel that Britain would be much better off if it was to adopt Islam and Sharia law.

The question here that is so often asked but always unanswered is this … if they find the British culture and religion so offensive then why remain; after all wouldn’t an Islamic country be more attune to their beliefs and way of life?

The reality is, something that none will openly admit, is that Islamic states are highly oppressive and therefore they would be extremely unhappy living in such states.

On that note it appears somewhat radical that they would want to turn Britain into an Islamic state – or maybe they just like to live their lives being totally and utterly oppressed and therefore devoid of any happiness.

I personally long for the days when telling a joke, regardless of what the subject matter, was just about having a few moments of joviality rather than what is now seen as culturally, racially or religiously taboo.

For those of you who still have a sense of humour here’s a few more classic scenes from Life of Brian.

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