Rewarding Failure: Government Awards Massive Pay Bonus to Rail Boss

REWARDING FAILURE: GOVERNMENT AWARDS MASSIVE PAY BONUS TO RAIL BOSS – Rail Network boss, Sir David Higgins, is set for a for a £100,000 salary bonus and that’s on top of his vast salary of £577,000.

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Meebal says…

It’s difficult to know exactly where to start with this.  It’s not like it’s anything unusual for the Government to reward failure.

Take a look back at the debacle of the NHS and in particular Sir David Nicholson – he was directly responsible for the deaths of over 1,200 patients at the Mid-Staffordshire Hospital and look what happened to him.  Firstly he was awarded a pay bonus and then Prime Minister, David Cameron, not only refused to sack Nicholson despite public outcry, he actually said Nicholson was doing a fine job.


Cameron Refuses to Sack Sir David Nicholson Over NHS Scandal

It goes to show you the mentality, nay the contempt our Government, and in particular David Cameron, has for the British people.

The whole idea of Government simply appears to be one of:

¤  Employing your mates

¤  Awarding vast financial bonuses for corporate manslaughter

¤  Awarding massive payouts to keep people quiet

¤  Awarding incentive bonuses for complete and utter failure

¤  Protecting your mates from allegations of rape

And the list goes on and on and on and ……

Rail Boss - Sir David HigginsWhat do we get in return?  Austerity measures, increased taxation and all the while having to support incompetent Ministers, Officials and MEP commissioners that we can’t vote in or out.

Government has, despite Cameron’s efforts to make himself appear as ‘one of us’ with his slogan, ‘call me Dave’, become a network of old boys school fraternity where each and every one of them are simply scratching each other’s back and filling their pockets with our hard earned cash each and every day.


David Cameron Employs Yet Another One of His Chums

Baroness Ashton and the Cushy EU Job at the Expense of the Taxpayer

This latest debacle, in a catalogue of continuing failure, is yet another clear demonstration by our Government that they are simply taking care of their own.

Considering the state of our Rail Network system and the misery that commuters are subjected to on a daily basis; along with the soaring fees that we are expected to fork out for, Sir David Higgins is awarded a ‘failure bonus’ of £100,000 and if that wasn’t a big enough slap in the face- that is on top of his £577,000 (plus expenses) salary.

Last year the Government provided funding close to £3 billion to continuously prop up the Rail Network and its incompetent management.  It doesn’t matter that someone like Sir Richard Branson was clandestinely removed through the failure to renew his contract – which many felt was another way for Sir David Higgins and the Government to hide its failings; you simply cannot have a private company running a Rail Service efficiently – how else can officials and Government cream the system or employ their school chums?

Sir David Higgins was of course not the only executive to have his pockets lined at the expense of the taxpayer.  Indeed five others in the Rail Network also received a bonus, sharing a whopping £350,000 between them.


NHS and the Excessive Salaries it Pays to Top Executives

Sir David Higgins and his team have consistently missed targets  on efficiency, punctuality, financial efficiency and most astonishingly SAFETY; and yet their failures which obviously puts lives at risk, as did Sir David Nicholson’s at the NHS, are awarded vast bonuses.

A spokesman for the Department of Transport pointed out that this was indeed a ‘Private Sector’ company and therefore the remuneration of its executives is subject to its own committee and that Government has no control over pay awards.

Rail Network Boss Gets Massive Bonus - Image 2

Whilst that may be true it doesn’t alter the fact that the money that runs the Rail Network comes from the public purse to the tune of £3 billion annually so one might assume that the Government should have a say over how the taxpayers money is being spent.

No doubt this will be seen as yet another farce and another slap in the face of the taxpayer and I have no doubt that tomorrow some Minister somewhere will be justifying something similar or asking us to once again tighten our belts in the name of austerity.

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