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Here's some great suggestions on how you can Ring in the New Year. Let's hope 2013 is a little kinder and more peaceful for everyone.RING IN THE NEW YEAR – It’s just about here, only hours away, the New Year with all its hope and promise for better things.  Does your family follow any traditions or fun, silly superstitions?

Have you ever wondered where they came from?  Take the kiss at midnight for example.  Not a bad idea and pretty fun, but it started as a belief to keep away loneliness.  If you are a couple who is kissing you are to have love in your relationship for the year.

If you are two strangers who came together for the celebration, you too are sure to always have someone by your side.  Woe to the one who finds themselves alone with no one to kiss, for it is foretold you will be lonely for the year.

Hmm, I wonder if that includes kissing pets- I kiss my dog a lot!   I’ve compiled a list of the more popular and obscure traditions and superstitions seen around the globe.  Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!


On New Year’s Eve:

1.  Take a slice of bread and cut it so there is one piece for every family member.  Now, put a quarter or other silver money piece on the bread.  Set this all on a plate and hide it in a spot where it will not be disturbed for the whole year-like in a high cupboard.  This is said to ensure enough money and food for your household the entire year.

2.  At the stroke of midnight, bang your pots and pans.  This is fun for kids and it is said that the noise will scare away evil.  Over the years, different families have changed from pots and pans to fireworks or gunshots.   Please be sure to do these outside.

3. Wear “something old” to your party or to bed.  If you wear something new, you run the chance of not getting any other new clothes for the rest of the year.  Be sure to have a new outfit ready in the morning to “bring in” all those new clothes.

4.  Add a touch of gold to your toasting glass.  Just a ring, cufflink or bracelet will do and you will find wealth throughout the year.

5.  Have cash in your wallet.  Cash-not a debit or a credit card, cash and you will have money for the year.

6.  For anyone single, wear yellow-for positive energy (or red) underwear, and wear it backwards.  Yep, backwards and you will meet the one of your dreams.  If  you have polka dotted underwear even better as the circles represent money.

7.  Sweep out dust, dirt and bad luck from your house.  On New Year’s Day there is NO cleaning done for a year of good luck and ease. Remember to open your windows and doors too, so all the new year luck can come rushing in.

8.  Have neighbors you like and extra dishes on hand? Throw them at your neighbor’s doorstep to wish them good luck.  It is said the home with the most broken dishes will have the best year and the most loyal friends.

9.  Saying “black rabbits” repeatedly  before midnight and “white rabbits” after midnight, is thought to bring good luck, but considering the fact that with all that talking you would miss out on the midnight kiss, I don’t know if the trade-off is a good one.


New Year’s Day:

1.  Eat a portion of black-eye peas was supposed to bring you a year of good luck and extra money.  Not a fan of peas?  Try a dinner of sauerkraut and pork.   My G-ma used to say it cleaned you out and got rid of last year’s bad luck.

2. If you are a single gal, you are supposed to gaze out your bedroom window as soon as you wake up.  If you see a man-any man, you are said to be married within the year.

3.  Forget about taking the garbage out, or anything else out of the house.  If you do you will be “losing” things all year.

4.  The first person to cross your threshold should be a man.  Hopefully, tall, dark and handsome.  Woe to you if it is a woman and 3 times the pox if she is either blond or a redhead.  A traditional symbol of good fortune from your man friend would be a sprig of evergreen or bread.

5. Be sure to do something related to your job on New Year’s Day.  It is said that will ensure your job meets success through the year.

6.  Do not do laundry since clothes represent the wearer and you may “wash” them out of your life.

What about the weather?  Many of us look to the Farmer’s Almanac for its uncanny predictions and advice for planting and harvesting.  What can the weather tell us about the coming New Year?   Be sure to head outside in the wee hours of New Year’s Day morning for it’s all within which direction the wind blows.

From the North- Bad weather for the year

From the South- Fine weather and prosperous times

From the East-Famine and calamities

From the West-You will see plentiful supplies of milk and fish, but also the death of a loved one

No wind?    Then everyone will enjoy a  joyful and prosperous year

If you have a family tradition or have heard of  one I didn’t mention, please share it with our readers below.  However you bring in the New Year, make it fun and keep it safe!

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