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Ringing in the New Year with Mass Romanian and Bulgarian Immigrants

Ringing in the New Year with Mass Romanian and Bulgarian Immigrants

RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH MASS ROMANIAN AND BULGARIAN IMMIGRANTS – A growing number of people in Britain will not be jubilant as Big Ben chimes in 2014; some feel that 2014 might well be the beginning of the end of Britain as we know it as thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians now prepare to head for the UK.

Tomorrow certainly chimes in a new era for Britain but a growing number of British citizens feel that we are about to see Britain flooded with economic refugees that will all expect a handout and where the Government will effectively be unable to refuse such due to EU legislation.

Already reports are flooding news desks across Britain and other EU member states as airlines announce they have had to double the number of flights to meet demand of Romanians and Bulgarians heading to Britain.

It’s not just the airlines as reports from travel agencies and bus companies across the EU announce they too are struggling to cope with demand.

Most of the pickpockets who have been caught are children who are in turn run by criminal Romanian gangs – this is organised crime at its worst as the Romanian gangs are fully aware that authorities are unable to prosecute young children.

Some no-frills airlines are charging as much as £3,000 for a one way ticket to Britain for Romanians and Bulgarian and despite the cost the flights are full.

A number of bus companies in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia are now fully booked until January 9 and despite the increase in fares people continue to book.

Throughout Romania and Bulgaria posters and other advertisements continue to be displayed providing citizens with information on their ability to move to Britain and live the good life.

It remains a fact that when the 2005 restrictions imposed are lifted on the strike of midnight some 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians will have the right of free passage through British borders and retain all the rights of any other British taxpaying citizen; this is in spite of any rhetoric the Government may report on restrictions.

A quick look around the internet provides sufficient evidence that many will be looking for a free handout as internet sites offering services to obtain benefits continues to grow.  Yes there are some who do intend to come in order to find work and play a vital role in British society but there are real concerns that these are in the minority.

Neda Family from Romania

A number of internet forums have also sprung up with thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians looking at how they can obtain benefits; one woman wrote…

“My husband and I want to have a child in the UK. We want to know what kind of benefits we can apply for. We are interested in receiving a council house.”

The comment is just one of thousands being made across the forums leading to the realisation that Britain is being viewed as an easy target to live a life free of worries on the backs of taxpaying citizens.

Here are just two more from thousands of comments across a plethora of internet forums …

“I have read on this website I can get £190 a week from the British government from the 25th week of pregnancy. Could somebody help me with the documents?”

“Can I give birth in the UK for free given that neither my husband nor I have the correct papers? Will we get British citizenship for our child?”

The Daily Mail contacted one firm Priority Point which specialises in helping Romanian migrants settle in the UK.  Reporters at the Daily Mail asked whether they would be able to help a Romanian woman with two children with no legal documentation to claim benefits whilst she looked for a job.  The company told reporters that it was indeed possible for a fee.

Romanian Gypsies in London - Image 1

There now remains serious doubt about our continued involvement in the European Union which has effectively forced Britain to open its doors and allow anyone from anywhere to live in Britain.

Again the concerns rest of the numbers of people who actually intend to work opposed to those who are simply looking to live on welfare.

If Britain finally collapses under the financial strain, as many are predicting, then 2014 may well go down in the history books as the year the Government betrayed its citizens and plunged Britain into a pit of despair that it will never recover from.

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