Rise in Children Seeking Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

by Editor | April 30, 2014 2:31 am

RISE IN CHILDREN SEEKING TREATMENT FOR DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE – According to an investigation by the Press Association the number of young children, some even as young as four, are now being referred to treatment centres for drug and alcohol abuse in the UK.

Children’s charities have called on the Government to improve drug and alcohol education in schools in order to tackle the growing problem head on; according to an article in the Daily Mail more than half of the children being treated admitted to smoking cannabis, with one third being treated for alcohol abuse and a small percent for solvent abuse.

There are, in our view, a couple of very disturbing elements to this situation; firstly it was found that many of the children who come into contact with drugs and alcohol do so through their parents.

According to experts parents need to be far more vigilant and that preventative work is the key to ensuring children are not tempted to engage in such activities.

The second issue here is that of the charities calling upon Government to take measures to prevent the growth in drug and alcohol abuse, that an increasing number of children are engaging in.

Taking the first issue it appears almost incredulous as to why any parent would want to subject their children to engage in either drug or alcohol abuse, however with increased Government intervention and therefore increased legislation could it not be argued that the parents no longer really have a say what their children may or may not do?

Look carefully at the Child Neglect Laws; these are specifically designed so that no parent may chastise a child in any manner.  Add to this an update to the Child Neglect Laws, commonly referred to as the Cinderella Law, and a child may now even have their parents prosecuted if they feel ‘starved of love’.

Some experts and charities might well blame the parents for not being vigilant enough but frankly even if they do spot an issue there’s nothing they can effectively do to stop it for the Government has deemed any correctional methods inappropriate and indeed illegal.

This leaves the parents hamstrung and can only sit by and watch their children self-destruct until they requirement clinical treatment.

How weak has society and indeed the citizen become?  It doesn’t matter what aliment the experts or charities come up with they immediately turn to the Government for assistance… are we no longer able to think and act for ourselves; is it imperative that Government is called upon to deal with every social failing and therefore introduce more unworkable and restrictive legislation that binds and gags us from the cradle to the grave?

There is a simple solution to this issue and that is to make the parents fully responsible but by making them responsible ultimately requires the Government taking a back seat and allowing the parents to admonish and punish their children as they see fit.

Unfortunately we live in an age where liberalism and political correctness now rule every aspect of our lives; it’s why there is a growing need to create even more legislation and it is why issues such as this are increasing at an alarming rate.

If you can’t see the problem of ever growing Government interference in the daily lives of its citizens then you obviously don’t understand the concept of Big Government, Small Citizen, so let us enlighten you with the video below.

Now that you’ve had a chance to absorb the information in the video do you still think that we should call upon Government each and every time we have an issue, or do you think it’s about time we reduced the size of Government and allowed the citizen to once again take control of their lives and most importantly their children?

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