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Rise in Dangerous Foreign Criminals Jumping Bail

Rise in Dangerous Foreign Criminals Jumping Bail

RISE IN DANGEROUS FOREIGN CRIMINALS JUMPING BAIL – They consider themselves the ‘untouchables’ and have complete and utter contempt for the law.

We are of course referring to the growing number of foreign criminals who have jumped bail and of which include a number of murderers, rapists and paedophiles.

According to a recent report some 752 foreign criminals are now walking the streets of Britain after jumping bail.

In each of the cases these individuals should have been imprisoned and summarily deported but in liberal Britain, under the mountains of human rights laws, the system is powerless to hold them in detention or deport them… such would be an abuse of their human rights.

The figures certainly are disturbing and their crimes even more so. In the mix we have no less than 11 rapists, two murderers and a number of child abusers and even arsonists.

Throw other crimes into the mixing bowl with burglars, dozens of violent thugs and no fewer than 76 drug dealers and the picture becomes even more frightening.

The question often overlooked by Human Rights activists is whether they feel that the innocent victims and potential victims have any rights.

Regardless of all the authorities know about the 752 criminals currently at large, we are not permitted to have full disclosure; yes even under the Freedom of Information Act the Home Secretary refuses to divulge the names of these people for doing so would breach their human rights.

It certainly does appear in our liberally indoctrinated society that the criminals now have far more rights than any hard working, taxpaying and honest citizen.

Recent information on this issue reveals that the exact number of foreign criminals that have absconded after being released on bail, either from prison or an immigration detention centre, now stands at 752, and the figure continues to climb as authorities are unable to deal with them effectively.

There can be no doubt that the public is exasperated as it continuously faces the realisation that our immigration services are woefully inadequate which is only aggravated by human rights laws.

There has been much talk of scraping the Human Rights Act 1998 and pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) so that the British authorities can deal with foreign criminals effectively; that is barring entry into the UK and deporting those residing in the UK who breaks the law.

The issue is of course ‘debate’ for that’s all that ever appears to occur; ministers and MPs continue to call for action and yet no tangible efforts are pursued in order to make the necessary changes so the public are not put at risk.

In law we often hear the term ‘Duty of Care’ and such covers a wide range of legal issues; in effect we all have a duty of care and should consider others in our acts or omissions for if these adversely affect another person then liability falls at the feet of those responsible.

It is clear from my perspective that the Government is in fact failing in its duty of care to adequately protect the general public and therefore they should be held to account.

What we need is a change in the law; in truth we need several changes.  Scrapping or suspending the Human Rights Act 1998 until it can be re-written so that it doesn’t allow criminals a right of free passage would be a good start and pulling out of the ECHR would also allow Britain to deal with the foreign and domestic criminals far more effectively.

Considering the number of times ministers and MPs have called for both to be implemented, you have to now ask at what level of incompetence must the public suffer before Government finally acts?

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