Rise of Far Right Groups Across Europe

DAILY MAIL – ALEX BRUMMER – The mish-mash of countries inside the eurozone — from powerhouse Germany to the basket-case economies in the south — has led to financial inequalities that sparked resentment, unrest, multi-billion-pound bailouts, disastrous levels of unemployment and now the spectres of deflation and political extremism.

Frankly, it couldn’t be much worse.

The elections to the  European Parliament taking place across the Continent this week are being played out against the most disturbing economic backdrop since the dark days of the post-crash Thirties.

This is the first time since the eurozone crisis erupted in Greece in 2010 that Europe’s people have had the chance  to make their views known in an EU-wide election, and the outcome will not  be pretty.

There are those in the UK who find the rise of Ukip and some of the views of its leader, Nigel Farage, on immigration unpleasant or offensive.

But by the standards of the extremist and horribly racist Continental parties likely to win seats in the new European Parliament, Ukip might be regarded as moderates.

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  • razer

    Let’s get this Red Herring out of the argument. The Nazis did demonize the Jews but … the Jews did not launch terror attacks on office buildings like 9-11, the Jews did not detonate bombs on trains above and below ground, the Jews did not detonate bombs on buses, the Jews did not hack to death a German soldier on the streets of Munich, and the Jews did not demand their right to Judaic law. People from the Islamic community have done all these
    things. A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something. Islamic phobia is an invalid term because there is reason to have a fear of violence coming from the Islamic community.

    • http://www.meebal.com/ meebal

      Couldn’t of said it better. Certainly the rise in far-right groups only goes to show that more and more people are fearful to the uprising of Islam insurgency in the west.