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Rising Number of Children Smoking Causing Alarm in the UK

Rising Number of Children Smoking Causing Alarm in the UK

RISING NUMBER OF CHILDREN SMOKING CAUSING ALARM IN THE UK – A recent study has unveiled an alarming trend in the number of children under the age of 16 who start smoking in the UK every day.

Rising Number of Children Smoking in the UK

According to health experts the numbers of children under the age of 16 who now start smoking is a staggering 600 children per day … yes that’s per day.

In the country’s capital, London, it is estimated that approximately 70 children a day start smoking.

According to charity groups such as Cancer Research UK and health specialists at Imperial College London the trend is highly disturbing when data reveals that between 2010 and 2011 some 207,000 new child smokers in the UK took up the habit.

The study which produced the data was taken from secondary school pupils across England within the age group of 7 to 11 year olds and 11 to 15 year olds.

Cancer Research UK gave a statement declaring its concerns for the rising number of young smokers declaring that smoking is among the largest causes of preventable deaths worldwide.

Full story … Daily Mail says…

The Government certainly have explored a number of ways in which to get people to quit smoking from increasing taxation to recently considering the benefits that ‘plain cigarette packaging’ may have at reducing the number of smokers and importantly the number of people taking up smoking; especially our children.

The addictive element of smoking that being nicotine certainly is a highly addictive drug and maybe it’s time the Government took measures to ban it altogether.

We already have firm evidence to suggest that smoking related illnesses are costing the NHS hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s money annually so maybe to reduce the cost and save lives smoking should be outlawed.

Of course nicotine is not classified as an illegal drug and the tobacco companies certainly play a huge influence over Government policy due to their ability to lobby MPs and Ministers; the U.S also is afflicted with this fact.

We often talk about caring for our children and have continuously taken measures to turn the UK into an almost Nanny State and yet despite the known consequences of smoking to the nation’s health this drug has never truly been controlled.

You simply cannot lay all the blame at the doorstep of Government for each of us must also take responsibility for our actions and therefore you have to ask where are the parents of these children who are smoking?

Do these parents simply not care or do they simply not have sufficient time to monitor what they are doing?

I find it truly amazing how anyone can afford to smoke cigarettes or indeed any tobacco products in the UK.  With an average price close to £7.00 a packet of 20 cigarettes and acknowledgement that austerity measures are forcing many families to cut back on the essentials I fail to see how the cost smoking can be managed into the household budget.

If the public and Government are truly concerned then they would both support a ban on all tobacco products.

If a ban is considered to be an abuse of an individual’s rights then why not increase taxation on tobacco products significantly and whilst we are at it introduce a higher rate of National Insurance contributions for those who do smoke so that the increase can cover any tobacco related illness a smoker might have.

I am indeed a smoker and nicotine is certainly one of the evils in the world but as a smoker I would certainly welcome a complete ban or an exorbitant increase in taxation  – in fact anything that would motivate me and millions of others to finally quit smoking.

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