Rohingya: Human Trafficking

by Editor | May 19, 2014 4:55 am

Recently in the news two journalists operating, in Phuket, Thailand, were arrested and charged under Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act for simply reproducing a paragraph from an article published by Reuters regarding issues of the possible involvement of the Royal Thai Navy being involved in human trafficking.

With the Royal Thai Navy now suing both PhuketWan and Reuters suspicions grow in that the Thai authorities are merely attempting to use draconian laws in order to silence the reporting of the truth.

With the US President due to give his views on the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report this week many human rights organisations are calling for Barrack Obama to impose a T3 level status on Thailand which denotes that the Government are not taking sufficient measures to tackle human trafficking.

One Thai human rights lawyer last year accused the Thai authorities of being heavily involved in human trafficking the Rohingya; he stated that such are the large numbers of people involved it would be impossible for the authorities not to be aware of their existence.

For the last four years the US Government has pardoned Thailand by not increasing its human trafficking rating to T3 but few now doubt if Thailand can produce any evidence that improvements are being made and with the two journalist and Reuters being prosecuted this further adds to human rights watch groups concerns.

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