Roma Benefits Teacher Shows Romanians How to Fleece Britain

Roma Benefits Teacher Shows Romanians How to Fleece Britain

ROMA BENEFITS TEACHERS SHOWS ROMANIANS HOW TO FLEECE BRITAIN – You could say that Firuta Vasile, a Romanian immigrant living in the UK selling the Big Issue, is a bit of a celebrity among Romanians for here is woman who won the legal right to claim £28,000 in benefits for her and her four children; she now wants to teach other Roma’s how to do the same.

Firuta Vasile Showing Romanians How to Get Benefits

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Yes it January 1 2014 and officially the Right of Free Movement, which allows Romanians and Bulgarians the right to live and work in Britain, comes into effect.

Yesterday news desks around Britain were awash with reports from airlines, ferries and bus companies at how they are all fully booked for months to come with Romanians and Bulgarians traveling to Britain; we and many others are all asking the same question … is this the beginning of the end for Britain?


Ringing in the New Year with Mass Romanian and Bulgarian Immigrants

Note carefully on any article that publishes on the subject of Britain and not once will you see us use the term ‘Great Britain’ for it is a sad and sorry fact that Britain hasn’t been ‘Great’ for decades and anyone suggesting such a notion is either blind, foolish or indeed both.

We only have ourselves to blame for we have allowed successive Governments to lead us along a path that can only lead to austerity, despair and finally the removal of our national identity.

Yesterday it emerged that Firuta Vasile, who has been dubbed the ‘benefits teacher’ by the Roma community is urging her friends and old neighbours to move to Britain so that she can show them how to legally challenge the system in order to force the state to provide them with benefits.

We suspect that once again the ‘liberals’ will come out in force and label us racists and bigots but of course those who are not fully indoctrinated into the regime of ‘political correctness’ will clearly understand that we are not racists or bigots but rather realists.

Romanian Gypsies in London - Image 4

We do in fact feel for the Romanians and Bulgarians for no nation of people in the modern age should be subjected to living in squalor, deprivation or abject poverty.

The underlying issue here is that it was the Romanians and Bulgarians who chose to live as such for they, like any other democratic nation, have voted in politicians who clearly have their own interests at heart ahead of the nations; unfortunately those in the Eastern Block appear far more corrupt that our own home grown garden variety; you know people like Denis MacShane, Vicky Pryce, Chris Huhne and the never ending list of politicians who lie and steal from the taxpayer.


Denis MacShane and Vicky Pryce a Match Made in Dishonesty

Like any nation the Romanians and Bulgarians, with the right incentive and will, could put an end to their own problems but it is increasingly apparent, with all the current issues Britain has with Romanians and Bulgarians, that these people would rather import their problems into Britain and in the process fleece the taxpayer and turn our streets into squalid conditions from whence they came.

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It’s about time the British people stood up and told their employee David Cameron that enough is clearly enough.  The British taxpayer certainly has a hard enough time as it is without allowing masses of migrants into the country who simply want to fleece the taxpayer and all because a non-elected despot regime called the European Union demands we do so.

Romanian Immigrants - Image 2

Firuta Vasile is just one of thousands of Romanians currently living a comfortable life on the backs of the taxpayer and there are many hundreds of thousands more likely to be heading this way.

Like a plague of locus it’s likely they’ll move in, feast on benefits and then move on once the economy is finally devastated to a point where any notion of an economic recovery will be pure and utter fantasy.

It’s time to put aside the notions of racism and bigotry and recognise the true nature to the intent of Brussels which is to turn Britain into the dumping ground of Europe whilst it sits back and demands ever larger sums of taxpayer’s money in order to continue adding to the misery of the British citizen.

It is time the British people, if they ever want to see the prefix ‘Great’ being reinstated, to demand an EU referendum and finally opt to pull out of what is little more than a totalitarianism despot regime that will ultimately drive Britain to the same fate as Greece.

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