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Russell Brand Labelled Dangerous to Political Stability

Russell Brand Labelled Dangerous to Political Stability

RUSSELL BRAND LABELLED DANGEROUS TO POLITICAL STABILITY – Former Home Secretary David Blunkett warns that political ranting from celebrities such as Russell Brand are putting the future of politics in danger as he continues to encourage young people to give up on the idea of voting.

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It all started off last year when Russell Brand declared in an interview with Jeremy Paxman that he didn’t bother voting for he could see no moral fortitude in any of the political parties.

It was also revealed that Jeremy Paxman had also failed to cast a vote in the last General Election for he too couldn’t find any substance in what was being offered from any of the political parties.


Jeremy Paxman Admits He Did NOT Vote in the Last Election

Move forward a few more weeks and we had the Mayor of London Boris Johnson suggesting that vast swathes of the population should in fact be prevented from voting due to their inability to grasp the complexities of politics.

It is important in a democratic society to vote but the issue really isn’t about simply picking a political party with a particular brand of ideology thus giving them the ability to govern the nation’s interest; it should be more about whether you can consciously and with conviction vote in a political party that people feel will work in the public’s interest.

This has become the major issue for a growing number of people would rather abstain from the vote due their belief that no matter who gets into power the British public will be subjected to simply more lies, rhetoric and corruption.

The question is whether the voting public are being betrayed.  Many feel this occurred after the 2010 General Election where none of the parties secured sufficient votes in order to form a working Government.

Without consultation the Tories took it upon themselves to form an alliance with the Liberal Democrats which resulted in gaining sufficient seats therefore allowing the formation of a coalition Government; something clearly the voting public never intended, resulting in opposing political ideologies and policies that could never possibly produce any real benefit to the nation.

Let’s take a brief look at what’s on offer in the 2015 General Election…

Liberal Democrats – Here is a political entity that likes to sit on the fence. Only when public sentiment shifts significantly to one side or the other will they then provide support.  Of course once this takes place they will then attempt to laud the policy as their own.

Unfortunately, as we have continuously witnessed from Nick Clegg, such only exists whilst the public continue to support such a policy and when they don’t then the Liberal Democrats PR machine is thrust into full steam in order to cleanse the party of being attributed with such a policy.

We can look at crime and welfare and clearly see that the rise in both is directly attributed to the liberal left-wing progressive policies that refuse to quell or quash what is clearly driving Britain towards bankruptcy.

Time and time again the Tory coalition partners have devised ways to make crime punishable but the liberals have blocked them at every turn insisting that ‘rehabilitation’ must take precedence over ‘punishment’ for such a society that condones punishment is cruel and inhumane.

The exact same scenario is played out by the Liberal Democrats when it comes to any attempts to reform the welfare system.

The conclusion is that the Liberal Democrats simply want power in order to silence us through connotations of political correctness; that is we will not be permitted to speak out for those who do will be labelled racists, bigots and uncaring towards the utopia of a multicultural cohesive society.

Conservative – The British public have continuously witnessed a liar in action; that is the Prime Minister David Cameron has lauded the public with all manner of vows to change policy in order to bring to book the EU, Welfare, Crime and Taxation and yet at every turn he has failed to bend to the will of majority public opinion; simply looking at his views on the EU and the public’s right to an EU referendum are testament to that fact.

In all fairness Mr. Cameron can’t simply implement the policies of the Conservatives for he must, under the rules of a coalition agreement, consider the opposing views from the Liberal Democrats.

Such simply leaves Britain in an almost constant state of political limbo as the two opposing factions fight it out in order to garner public support.

The issue here is that this is clearly what both are attempting to do; that is garner sufficient public support for the vote in the next General Election whilst leaving the voting public in a constant state of stalemate without being provided with any tangible progress with the issues facing Britain.

The EU has to be one of the biggest issues in British political history for now the public feel that the EU is simply taking over Britain and forcing its political will upon them without the Government being able to do anything about it.

Why should the British electorate have to wait until 2017 for an EU referendum and why should it be subject to a Bill approved by the House of Lords?

Surely in this instance the people have spoken and they do want a referendum and therefore under a democracy such should be delivered without undue delay and certainly not delivered on the promise of such only if the electorate votes in the Tory party at the next General Election; such a notion is tantamount to blackmailing the public into voting for the Tories.

Labour – There’s not much you can really say about the current flavour of the Labour party other than its leader is redder than a Royal Mail post box and clearly controlled by the Unions; in particular Len McCluskey.

According to Ed Miliband he wants to create a socialist utopia similar to that of France and we are all now fully aware how the French economy under the leadership of socialist Francois Hollande is doing; yes it appears to be sinking faster than the Titanic and yet Ed Miliband feels that such a socialist movement would be great for Britain.

It might appear surprising, at this juncture, that Labour actually remains ahead in the political polls and yet this could be the public’s way of trying to force the Tories to do more.

UKIP – Dear old Nigel Farage, now there’s a person with an abundance of character and certainly passion for getting as far away from the EU dictators as possible.

Will UKIP attract sufficient votes to become the next Government to rule the UK? No is the answer for they simply do not have sufficient seats in order to be serious contenders although that is clearly changing and if they see success in the May 2014 European Elections it could be an indication that things will dramatically change.

Certainly UKIP is beginning to amass more public support but it still remains unclear what their policies are, apart from pulling out of the EU. What the public needs from UKIP is a clear and decisive manifesto so that the public have a clear picture of their political agenda.

So there you have it… who will you vote for or will you take the stance of Russell Brand, Jeremy Paxman and a growing number of others and abstain simply because you cannot see any value in anything the political parties have to offer.

What is clear and unavoidable is that the public has now accepted that no matter who gets into power they will inevitably be treated with distain and subjected to the usual fare of rhetoric and lies; maybe that’s why so many people now feel it is a complete and utter waste of time to cast a vote.

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