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Russell Brand Meets His Match on the Legalities of Drugs

Russell Brand Meets His Match on the Legalities of Drugs

RUSSELL BRAND MEETS HIS MATCH ON THE LEGALITIES OF DRUGS – There are times when I listen to Russell Brand and deeply consider his point of view on the issues of Government and the legalisation of narcotics; unfortunately this was not one of those times.

It’s no secret that Russell Brand was once a drug addict and due to his direct experiences he feels the laws on the consumption of illegal drugs is ineffective and that drug addicts should be treated with compassion, understanding and above all be provided which pharmaceutical grade drugs.

Whilst Russell Brand may be an intelligent chap at times he certainly has a misguided view of the criminal justice system.  He is of course perfectly right in that the current legal system doesn’t do much in controlling substance abuse but mollycoddling drug users isn’t the answer.

The laws on drug use are specific but are not used to great effect. The reality is that the system simply cannot lock up every drug user and to enforcing the laws further will only have some quarters complaining that the UK being becoming a nanny state that simply wants to control every aspect of our lives.

Again the laws are specific but ineffective however people have a clear choice when it comes to taking any form of drug.

We as a nation are extremely well informed as to the debilitating effects certain drugs have on us; not only are extremely addictive but are widely acknowledged to ruin lives, not just of those who consume but also the family members who have to live with their addiction.

Russell Brand appears to be asking the public to take care of those who were stupid enough to get addicted in the first place despite the known risks.

Furthermore Mr. Brand also vows to legalise drugs by petitioning for a debate on the subject in the House of Commons; considering the consequence should we then expect the Commons to consider legalising euthanasia for the taking of illegal drugs is nothing short of ending a life through assisted suicide.

There is another consideration here and that is Mr. Brands belief that parliamentary democracy doesn’t work and therefore those in power cannot adequately represent the public view.

In that sense I have to agree but why would you push for a Commons debate in which you have no trust or faith in?

Jon Snow; now here’s a seasoned political interviewer that you have to respect for he is willing to listen and has the ability to look at the broader picture and ask the questions often lurking behind the issue.

In this particular case it appears that Russell Brand doesn’t want the people to vote for any politician but also wants people to call on politicians to change a particular law for one particular group of people.

Earlier I stated that I agreed with Russell Brand regarding the lack of parliamentary democracy; it is my view that the public simply have the democratic ability to vote in the next dictator.

Again Russell Brand hit upon this over the issue of the Iraq War whereby vast numbers of the British public didn’t want Britain to invade; the voice of the people was summarily dismissed by Tony Blair and over a decade later the British public are still paying the price.

The solution?  Russell Brand talks of a revolution but such often involves chaotic violence.  Personally I would simply advocate a change in democracy by initiating and implementing an electronic referendum system where vital issues are put to the people and not to the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

Certainly watching the video it is clear that Russell Brand has some commendable ideas but as Jon Snow reveals he doesn’t have a real workable solution and it would be easy to dismiss his ranting as that of someone who hasn’t bothered to take the time to think through the issues on an intricate level.

Was the interview an entire waste of time?  Certainly not, for there is much to take from Russell Brand and Jon Snow and unless we are able to openly and honestly debate such issues then no solutions can be found thereby resulting in a system that stagnates.

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