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Sacked UKIP Commonwealth Spokesman Former Pakistan Kidnapper

Sacked UKIP Commonwealth Spokesman Former Pakistan Kidnapper

SACKED UKIP COMMONWEALTH SPOKESMAN FORMER PAKISTAN KIDNAPPER – UKIP has again been forced into an embarrassing situation as an investigation into its Commonwealth Spokesman Mujeeb ur Rehaman Bhutto revealed him to be a member of a kidnapping gang in Pakistan.

Incredibly Mr. Bhutto remains in the UK to avoid being hanged for his crimes committed in Pakistan

Full story … The Independent

Meebal.com says…

I doubt very much if this latest debacle of importing and providing lucrative employment to a foreign criminal will either come as much of a surprise or even a shock to most people.

Yes, since Tony Blair and his merry band of imbeciles, crooks and warmongers took the decision to enact the Borders Act 2004, and effectively removed all barriers to entering the UK, it was a foregone conclusion to anyone with half a brain who could see what the effect would be.

Hey presto!  Like magic Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto not only managed to escape the long arm of the law in Pakistan, in which he would have long ago been hanging from a rope as a consequence of his crimes, he’s living in Britain and was recently employed as UKIP’s Commonwealth Spokeman.

Nigel Farage did say a few weeks ago that UKIP needed to tighten its employment procedures and better vet those taking up key membership positions.

Yes, the newspapers are once again banging on about the likes of Godfrey Bloom and his alleged racist rants.

In all fairness you can’t really predict the likes of Godfrey Bloom, although with his slip up regarding giving taxpayers’ cash via Foreign Aid to Bong Bong Land, such was taken a little out of concept and the media wouldn’t allow him to fully explain.

I was pretty enraged at the time for certainly Channel 4 with Martin Bashir interviewing simply wouldn’t allow Mr. Bloom to explain the issues but rather kept on baiting him about racism… well he would wouldn’t he, because frankly he was too frightened to listen to the truth.
As a result I actually got hold of Godfrey, who is a great chap for the record and certainly not a racist, and asked for his full account… here it is … Foreign Aid by Godfrey Bloom
The issue here is how did Mr. Bhutto manage to secure such a position and why is he still in the UK?

The answer to the first part is unclear but according to UKIP Mr. Bhutto didn’t declare his criminal record.

As for the second part, he did admit to his crimes to the British authorities and was subsequently convicted at Manchester Crown Court and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Other members of the kidnapping gang weren’t so lucky; for they faced Pakistani justice and ended up being hanged.

In all of this Mr. Bhutto admitted that he made £56,000 for his part in the kidnapping and was referred to by the other gang members as the ‘boss’.

Now I doubt very much if I need to bother going into the why’s and where for’s as to Mr. Bhutto’s current living arrangements for it’s a full gone conclusion that this foreign criminal, along with most other foreign criminals, are protected by Tony Blair’s Human Rights Act 1998 and Britain’s involvement in the European Convention on Human Rights.

The newspapers and news services, in particular the BBC, are certainly giving Nigel Farage and UKIP a hard time over this latest debacle.

This has mainly come about due to Mr. Bhutto recent appearance on a television programme which discussed ‘controlled immigration’ and it was Mr. Bhutto who stated that Britain needs to know who is coming in and who is going out.

Regardless to what is clearly embarrassing it has to be noted that from the reader comments I’ve read on a number of news sites and forums it appears support for UKIP is not waning; in fact it continues to grow.

UKIP is becoming almost the only political party who is prepared to tackle a number of key elements affecting British culture and the British way of life; these issues being Immigration, the European Union, the Human Rights Act and Britain’s involvement with the European Convention on Human Rights.

We now have approximately eight weeks before the European Parliament elections and I would strongly suspect that the result will leave the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour out in the cold with few if any seats within the European Parliament after the elections.

As for Mr. Bhutto… it is clear he shouldn’t be allowed to remain in Britain, we clearly have enough criminals roaming the streets and the halls of Parliament without importing more.

Before I close I would like people to take a more pragmatic approach to this.  Consider that it’s most likely that the other political party’s will be jumping on the band wagon to vilify UKIP over this latest event but how many of them can effectively stand on their soap boxes with the remit of admonishing others when their hands are so soiled?

The answer is none but at least UKIP had the good sense to sack Mr. Bhutto.  The actions of Nigel Farage are far more admirable when you consider the actions of David Cameron who effectively refused to sack Sir David Nicholson for his failings to care for patients at the Mid-Staffordshire Hospital where some 1,200 patients lost their lives.

It is therefore apparent that the sinners shouldn’t be casting stones; especially when they themselves live in what is little more than a greenhouse of morality.

Update:  One of our readers sent us some interesting information.  According to order-order.com Mr. Bhutto was warmly welcomed by the Conservatives, not only by David Cameron, but also by Robert Winfield.  The information allegedly points to emails to and from Mr. Bhutto on becoming a member of the Conservative Party.  Such is now seen that UKIP is certainly not alone in being guilty of not fully vetting members.

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