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Sarah Hoidahl: Waitress Pays Customers Restaurant Check

Sarah Hoidahl: Waitress Pays Customers Restaurant Check

SARAH HOIDAHL: WAITRESS PAYS FOR CUSTOMERS RESTAURANT BILL – Once again I’m humbled by a single act of human kindness; for despite the often cruel and unkind world in which we live, there are always those who will go the extra mile just to help a complete stranger.

It is without question uplifting to know that there are people out there who show us that humanity and love for another person is still very much in existence.

Here we have Sarah Hoidahl, a waitress in Concord, New Hampshire. At 23 years of age Sarah works as a waitress, lives with her mom and supports her 15 month old son.

Being a waitress isn’t exactly a high paying job but with customer tips it can allow Sarah to scrape by.

One day two ladies walked in the restaurant in uniform of the National Guard. With the Government shutdown money was tight and so they carefully went through the menu in order to find an affordable meal.

To Sarah it was heartbreaking to see two ladies who serve their country with such dedication having to struggle and so when it came time to paying the check Sarah simply wrote a note thanking the ladies for their service to their country and said that the meal was on her.

Despite earning very little and only walking away from a full day’s work with just $8.00; about what it costs in gas, Sarah felt good knowing she had done the right thing and never gave it much more thought.

The two ladies however couldn’t simply let Sarah’s act of kindness go without recognition and therefore took the note and posted it on the internet whereby it quickly went viral.

In the video above Sarah Hoidahl is featured on Ellen, who not only repays the $27.75 for the check but also presents her with a new 50 inch TV, because Sarah’s was broken, but also changes her life by presenting her with a check for $10,000 in recognition of her kindness from what is a very grateful nation.

We all have the capacity to change another person’s life and with more acts of kindness we can certainly make the world a much better place.

Remember when you think you have nothing, take a moment and consider that there are some out there with a whole lot less.

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