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Schools Warning Children of NekNomination

Schools Warning Children of NekNomination

SCHOOLS WARNING CHILDREN OF NEKNOMINATION – Schools across Britain are now taking action and warning children of the internet drinking craze NekNomination; many schools are now reading out warnings in assemblies and putting up signs and placards on school notice boards such is the seriousness in which they view NekNomination.

The Local Government Association (LGA) are also appealing to internet giants such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to either remove or place warnings on any content associated with NekNomation or NekNominate as some refer to it.

Local councils have stated that due to the number of deaths, all involving young people, they need to take measures so that children are fully informed of the dangers to such a ridiculous game.


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The LGA currently represents some 400 councils in England and Wales and they have the network in place to spread news of the dangers quickly; if such a move saves one life or prevent children from putting their lives at risk by participating then local authorities must act.

If you are unfamiliar with NekNomination it is a game that involves people filming themselves whilst downing large quantities of alcohol.  Once they complete their task they then challenge other online viewers to go one better.

The result of this craze has already cost the lives of three young men in the UK alone and unless the social networks, namely Twitter, Facebook and YouTube work to stamp this out it’s likely we’ll be writing about more victims in the very near future.

It would of course be easy to dismiss such from a public perspective; after all we read and view death on the news all the time.  However, from someone who writes articles on public issues I can assure you that writing about the death of a person takes on a far more meaningful perspective because it always involves research of the person who has died.

Such an occupation leads to a connection and you often feel as if you have lost someone close to you and as such you never become obtuse to the deaths that you write about.

As we have stated in earlier articles on this subject, the loss is tragic enough but for those left behind, the pain and suffering never really wanes for they are left in limbo as to the unanswered question of why their loved one felt compelled to participate in such a dangerous pursuit that is ultimately designed to allow others to get a kick out of.

NekNomination is without doubt an utterly reckless and irresponsible craze and one that must be stamped out.

We are all aware that young people can be impressionable and that peer pressure can often move them to undertake an act that is normally outside of their character. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that NekNominate is relegated to the halls of history where it should stay as a reminder to how weak and vulnerable some people are.

As I sit here I have but one wish… I don’t want to write about the senseless loss of yet another young person and of how yet another family will live the rest of their lives not truly understanding why their loved one died.

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