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Scotland Yard Sends ‘Mission Officers’ to Romania in Order to Discourage Romanians Coming to Britain

Scotland Yard Sends ‘Mission Officers’ to Romania in Order to Discourage Romanians Coming to Britain

SCOTLAND YEAR SENDS ‘MISSION OFFICERS’ TO ROMANIA IN ORDER TO DISCOURAGE ROMANIANS COMING TO BRITAIN – It is no secret that has a tendency to berate the British Government but in all fairness when they do get something right we will also rightly commend them for whatever they have achieved.

Unfortunately this particular instance is not of the latter and we are wondering could the Government really get any more incompetent or sink so low; for now we are sending police officers to Romania begging Romanian’s not to come to Britain to commit crime.

Most of the pickpockets who have been caught are children who are in turn run by criminal Romanian gangs – this is organised crime at its worst as the Romanian gangs are fully aware that authorities are unable to prosecute young children.

This latest act clearly shows just how desperate David Cameron is and only heightens the public’s suspicions that he knows something about the potential issues of mass migrantion come 1 January that he’s not telling the public.

According to Scotland Yard, they have dispatched a number of police officers to rural areas in Romania in order to ask them not to come to Britain if they have no intention to work or simply intend to enter Britain with the remit of committing crime.

When it comes to a point where such action appears the only way forward, you have to stand back and realise that Britain is in a very sorry state and despite all the rhetoric from David Cameron and his Ministers that they will restrict benefits and introduce tough entrance measures, such as insisting immigrants can speak English, we now know that this is nothing more than an attempt to put a band aid on an amputation.

Nobody really wants to consider the unthinkable; that Britain will be inundated with economic refugees who are simply intent on raping the taxpayer whilst turning Britain’s streets into a cesspit of crime.

Of course if such is the future of Britain then the public will, once it hits breaking point, go on the rampage and ensuing violence will break out across the country resulting in what will be little more than civil war.

It would be a wonderful notion that we could all live together, but there is now crystal clear evidence that shows that our communities are becoming further segregated by cultural and religious divisions.

Just the other day, Anjem Choudary was once again on the streets calling for a ban on alcohol because it’s against the teachings of Allah and therefore illegal under Sharia Law.  Mr. Choudary called upon those selling or indeed consuming alcohol to be publicly flogged in accordance with Sharia law.

Yes, despite the very fact that Sharia law has no standing in Britain and that he was clearly inciting violence, never once was there any connotations by the police that he should be arrested and subsequently prosecuted.

Going back to the Romanians, I actually feel sorry for them; after all they’ve been living in abject poverty due to an incompetent Government who cares not a fig for its people; sadly though the British Government, in its continuous failings is going to produce a mirror image of Romania within the next few years, simply because it won’t do the right thing for the public but would rather continue blindly following their EU masters into oblivion.

Of course whilst I may have sympathy for the Romanians, I also feel they are responsible for the woes they suffer.  After all they could have ousted the Government; they could effect change if they wanted to.

This notion applies to the British people and from all the news I read, it is clear that UKIP, with its policy of pulling out of Europe and deporting all those who have no right of abode, appears to be gathering momentum.

Unfortunately I personally can’t see them winning the next General Election and it’s likely we’ll end up with yet another coalition and yet again be subjected to four more years of austerity, wasting of public funds, interference from the EU, masses of immigrants flooding Britain and a welfare state that will almost certainly suffer a meltdown.

Romanian Gypsies in London - Image 3

Currently it no longer matters what David Cameron or any of his Ministers has to say in Parliament, for our involvement in the EU has forced us to open our doors to basically anyone; that is regardless of whether they are terrorists, rapists, pickpockets or any other manner of criminal.

Six months ago, I packed a small suitcase and it remains packed in the corner of the closet; it is there because I, along with millions of others, fear that David Cameron has finally sounded the death knell for Britain with his blind insistence that Britain needs to be involved in the EU.

There is no doubt in my mind that a multicultural society can work but only if those coming to Britain are prepared to put aside their cultural and religious beliefs and live as we do; it is not about forcing our will on anyone but rather asking them to abide by our culture and laws and if they find such notions to be offensive or against their religious beliefs then they should refrain from entering Britain.

We desperately need a change in Government and we need a Government that will have spine to stand up and declare…’either you integrate or you get out.’

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Police Sent to Romania to Discourage Migrants