Senior Citizens Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Senior Citizens Struggling to Make Ends Meet

SENIOR CITIZENS STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET – Ask any Senior Citizen, no matter which western country in which they reside, how easy it is to manage on the meager pension that the state dishes out each month, and you are likely to get a barrage of expletives; not directed at you but at the pen-pushing imbeciles that run the country.

Article on the state of Senior Citizen's Pensions and how the government continues to ignore their hardship.

It’s amazing to think that many of us spend our entire working lives paying into a pension scheme only to find that come the day of retirement this pitiful monthly allowance will not provide any quality of life.

Of course, if you live in the United Kingdom, where the winters are cold, then there is the additional cost of keeping warm to survive.

Yes, it has to be said that the UK Government do provide additional funds for senior citizens to help cover the cost of the additional fuel bills, but this generally falls far short of what is actually needed and with the ever increasing cost of gas and electricity their struggle to keep up, I won’t say ahead, is a constant battle.

I was speaking to a really good friend of mine the other day.  After serving his country for 25 years in the British Army he retired.  He then went on to work and finally retired at the age of 65.

Now you would think that he would be on a pretty comfortable monthly income from his Army Pension and his State Pension. If only that were the case.  You see, he, like thousands of others are royally taken for a ride.  The UK Government, like any government, does not like to pay out if they do not have to; unless it’s for their own pensions and that is an entirely different matter.

What the Government does is to take his Army Pension and then deducted this amount from his State Pension.  That’s right the UK Government steal what is rightfully his – it’s plain theft, pure and simple.

He spent his entire working life, without being unemployed and serving his country for 25 years, putting his life on the line every day, and in return for his dedication to his country his Government takes away what is rightfully his.  What really irks him, me, and all other pensioners in a similar situation, is a couple of things:

1. If he had been a foreign immigrant, unwilling to work, with 15 kids, he would have been taken care of.  That’s free housing, free gas and electric, free food, free furnishings, free clothing and of course money in your pocket to enjoy yourself.

2. If he had been a criminal and locked up then there’s three square meals a day, cable TV, recreational facilities, free education, free healthcare (top notch I might add), a free and warm room (heated in the winter and cooled in the summer) and a plethora of other benefits.

OK, you might be thinking… ‘But he’s locked up and can’t go anywhere’.  Well where do you think the average senior citizen can go on the pitiful pension he/she gets?  Seriously do you think they get out much and let’s be honest with the amount of crime on the streets do you honestly think it is safe for them to venture out?

My friend is an honorable man, who has fought for Queen and Country in order to preserve our liberties and this is how the Government reward him for a lifetime of service to his country, not just in serving in the armed forces, but by working all his life and paying his taxes that allows those much less deserving to benefit from.

Here’s my two bits worth regarding politicians…

1. All politicians should be paid at minimum wage and not a penny more.  It should be a privileged to serve the country not a right to exorbitant salaries and perks.

2. All politicians should have their pensions capped to the level of the average payment of our Senior Citizens – Let’s see how they get by with the State Pension they impose on our senior citizens.

3. All politicians should have their expenses cut, other than in direct government business.  So, no more paying rent and owning a house somewhere else.  If politicians have to commute, at their own expense, well that’s just tough… Join the rest of the rank and file workers.

To wrap this article up I want to show you an email I had the other day and while you may find this amusing you have to consider that almost ALL truths are made in jest.

Title: Exciting new BUPA Programme:

You’re a sick senior citizen and the government says they are going to sell your house to pay for your nursing care.

So what do you do?

Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot four Politicians. Of course, this means you will be sent to prison….. Where you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating, air conditioning and all the health care you need!

  • Need new teeth? No problem.
  • Need new glasses? No problem.
  • Need a new hip, knees, kidney, lungs or heart?  Don’t worry it’s all covered.

As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you as often as they do now. And who will be paying for all of this? It’s the same government that just told you that they cannot afford to pay for your nursing care and you get rid of 4 useless politicians while you are at it. Plus, because you are a prisoner you don’t have to pay income tax.

Is this a great country or what? Again, funny how the amusing is loaded with the real truth.  Before you go, here’s some further reading with an article published in the Daily Mail:

Spiraling energy bills contributed to 24,000 deaths last winter, as many elderly people cut back on their heating. Full Story

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