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Senior Tory Announces UKIP will Win the Euro Election

Senior Tory Announces UKIP will Win the Euro Election

SENIOR TORY ANNOUNCES UKIP WILL WIN THE EURO ELECTION – David Ruffley, a senior Conservative MP, has landed himself in hot water after declaring that UKIP would win the European Election and furthermore David Cameron will come in third place behind Labour.

According to Mr. Ruffley, David Cameron has yet to prove himself as a Tory leader and that voters have little or no trust in his ability to lead the country.

Party chiefs have branded Mr. Ruffley’s comments as ‘disgraceful and disloyal’

Disgraceful disloyalty? I would rather think the public view this as simply telling the truth; something that Parliament and our politicians appear to be devoid of in modern politics.

Mr. Ruffley went on to state that the Labour leader Ed Miliband has continued with his onslaught over the cost of living and this has in turn struck a chord with the austerity strapped taxpayer and despite the Chancellors continuous announcements of an economic recovery the public are yet to see any difference in their pockets.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense will tell you that there is now a greater movement towards UKIP; this is obviously a fact that neither Mr. Cameron nor any of his cabinet ministers want to hear or acknowledge.

Take a look around the online news sites and read through any UK political article and you will find dozens of comments relating to the growing support of UKIP.  UKIP, with its leader Nigel Farage, is now seen as the only political party that will listen to the public and will provide an in/out EU referendum as demanded – not as a provision granted by Mr. Cameron in 2017 on the back of him being re-elected in 2015; something that is clearly viewed as a fantasy, unless you are Mr. Cameron or Mr. Ruffles for both believe this will be the outcome.

What the public needs to concern themselves with now is to the number of Tories who will jump ship once UKIP does win the Euro Elections as now predicted; quite honestly the numbers of Tory MPs moving over to UKIP will almost certainly cause a panic in the lead up to the General Election in 2015.

Already there is mass support for UKIP but this could well grow larger if the Right of Free Movement sees Britain being swamped by economic refugees.  If this does occur Mr. Cameron will almost certainly face a backlash from eurosceptics who will ultimately lay the blame on Mr. Cameron’s doorstep for not providing an EU referendum sooner or taking decisive measures to soften the impact of mass migration.

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