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Sensational Winter in the US Northeast

Sensational Winter in the US Northeast

SENSATIONAL WINTER IN THE US NORTHEAST – Skip down for a minute to the first picture.  Unless you have seen something like this before, you are probably shaking your head and asking yourself what in the world it is.  Well, it is called an Ice Tree and this particular one in Indiana has been a family tradition for over 50 years.  Once winter season begins wood, branches and the hoses come out and are strategically placed to guide its shape.

With water running continually, most of the work is done by Mother Nature and her freezing temperatures as ice begins to appear.  More wood and branches are added to enlarge and heighten the trees which have reached a colossal 80 feet in years past.  Add color to highlight its beauty and spot lights for nighttime drama and these trees draw tourists from across the country.

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Meebal reader Dee says…

You have to admit an ice tree is a thing of beauty, even though in order to have one means enduring months of dreary, cloud filled days, freezing temperatures and snow so hazardous that businesses are forced to shut down.

In fact, if you live in a warm, sunny climate or just in an area that has never seen snow, it may be hard to imagine that feeling cold, wearing heavy clothes and being forced to stay at home or indoors because of the weather can be a time of celebration.

No, I am not crazy but having been born and raised in the country’s “primary snow belt,”  means being subjected to lake-effect snowstorms that can dump a foot or more at a time, temperatures that drop into the single digits or lower within the hour, and 30 mph wind gusts that can take your breath away and limit visibility.

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Despite and because of all these things, I can speak from a lifetime of experience that winter is one of nature’s most beautiful seasons.

The first snowfall is magical as the flakes float lightly down from the sky and the thrill of a nighttime snow storm makes you feel as if you have entered another dimension.  The skies are never as clear any other time of year and you can practically count every star lit against the dark canopy.

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This year has been particularly hard on the Northeast with bitter cold temperatures that have shattered records set in previous years.  We have seen Mother Nature create ice storms that made the trees sparkle in sunlight and she didn’t hesitate to randomly dump enough snow to knock down phone and power lines, break gas and water mains and create shortages of both natural gas and propane.

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So why don’t we move?  That is the question on the lips of most of my warm weather friends who cannot understand the love affair us Northerners have with winter, and the easiest way to explain it is that every winter brings with it a new landscape; one that opens the door to all types of fun and new experiences.

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Just this past week “snow rollers” a rare winter phenomenon, were discovered in several fields and yards where I live.

“A snow roller is a rare meteorological phenomenon in which large snowballs are formed naturally as chunks of snow are blown along the ground by wind, picking up material along the way, in much the same way that the large snowballs used in snowmen are made.”—Wikipedia

It is almost eerie spotting a snow roller, scattered randomly and with no footprints around, it is as if they were dropped from the sky.

Living in snow country inspires creativity when outdoors.  Snowmen become works of art where the imagination knows no bounds, blowing bubbles becomes a science experiment and sidewalks are lined with “snow gems.”

How to make snow gems

Gather together balloons and food color.  Place 4-6 drops of food color inside the balloon and fill with water, leaving enough room to tie off.

Set them outside and allow at least two days to freeze solid, turning them at least once to help distribute the color.  Once they are frozen, peel off the balloon and voila!

Snow Gems

Picture by sittercity

There’s no reason to be kept at home all the time; nearly every county has a winter festival of some sort complete with snow mobile races, ice and snow sculptures, demonstrations, crafts, food, music and so much more.

Oh, and the clothes!  Who doesn’t love being wrapped in layers and layers of colorful clothing topped off with a big bulky sweater?  Just the assortment of boots could make a girl dizzy with excitement.

If you have a love affair with scarves, winter is the time of year when wearing a scarf every day is not only fashionable, it is practical.  If you are looking for new ways to work a scarf into your outfits, take a peek at this article Wearing a Scarf as a Diverse Fashion Statement

Best of all, the perfect way to end any day is to snuggle up with one of the hundreds of blankets strewn about the room with the one you love in front of a roaring fire.

If all this doesn’t sound like enough reasons to convince you that winter climates can be fun, consider the lead story on the news tonight.  Apparently, the severe weather conditions that have kept so many people off the roads and at home safe have local hospitals expecting a surge of births nine months from now.  They are already nicknamed “vortex babies” after the Arctic vortex experienced across the region this winter. More: Wikipedia – Polar Vortex

Yep, there’s no doubt that winter has its perks!

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