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Shadow Transport Minister Blames Thomas the Tank Engine for the Lack of Female Train Divers in Britain

Shadow Transport Minister Blames Thomas the Tank Engine for the Lack of Female Train Divers in Britain

SHADOW TRANSPORT MINISTER BLAMES THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE FOR THE LACK OF FEMALE TRAIN DRIVERS IN BRITAIN – Unfortunately we are nowhere near April 1 for this to be a joke and frankly I doubt many voters will find such a notion remotely funny.

Yesterday the Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh told members in the House of Commons that it was nothing short of a ‘national scandal’ that there were so few women train drivers in Britain which is directly related to Thomas the Tank Engine for all the voices in the animated children’s television programme were male.

“All the main characters in the original books – published in the 1940s – are male, and the only female characters are an ‘annoyance, a nuisance and in some cases a danger’ to the railway.

There is a preponderance of men in the transport industry and I am very keen to unpack some of the myths that stop women from taking up what are often highly-paid and highly-skilled jobs.” Mary Creagh, Shadow Transport Minister

Right about now I suspect that all those who gave Mary Creagh a vote will be placing their heads in their hands and hoping to a higher power above that there is intelligent life somewhere out in space for it is surely devoid in the case of Mary Creagh.

One Tory MP Rob Wilson led a number of disparaging remarks in which he stated that the Reverand William Awdry obviously forgot he was meant to serves as one of Labour’s agents of social change when he penned the books all those years ago.

Mr. Wilson went onto say that this was rather emblematic of Labour and socialism in that it simply cannot prevent itself from meddling with things that shouldn’t concern it; even children’s stories.

Britain faces turbulent times ahead and there are many aspect of our society in which needs to be seriously addressed, such as social poverty, welfare, the rising national debt and on-going interference from the EU and here’s Mary Creagh attempting to vilify a cartoon character for not being politically correct – has she completely lost all sense of reality; is this really the pressing matters that need debating in order to make us all just a little bit more socially pc?

What is it with us Brits?  Once such a proud and industrious nation we have now been turned into indoctrinated politically correct zombies.  Do we really need the likes of Mary Creagh pushing her equalities agenda or should we really be adult enough to understand, without being forced by legislation, to realise that we are in fact different.

There are many jobs that both men and women are capable of doing and equally some that they are not – this of course goes for both men and women but the likes of Mary Creagh will no doubt argue the case that men should now be allowed to give birth.

Political correctness indoctrination has simply gone too far; Mary Creagh’s remarks clearly testify to this fact.  It is about time we stopped being treated like children from those we pay a handsome salary in order to cover issues of vital importance and this is clearly not one of them.

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