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Shallow Online Dating Club for the Rich and Beautiful

Shallow Online Dating Club for the Rich and Beautiful

SHALLOW ONLINE DATING CLUB FOR THE RICH AND BEAUTIFUL – It’s hardly a secret that many online dating websites carry a lot of members; such is testament that there are a lot of very lonely people looking for love or maybe just a bit of fun.

Over the last few months there’s been a fair amount of controversy with the online dating scene as some high-profile dating websites have been accused to creating ‘fake’ members and often resort to using other people’s images within the fake profile; some even using images of celebrities.

Yes the online dating scene can be viewed as a little seedy or even degrading as both men and women parade themselves in order to find love.

You might dismiss the fact that there are many people who are desperately trying to find a life partner but such is the demand that the online dating industry is worth several billions of dollars in revenue annually… yes; being lonely is big business for those operating online dating sites.

A relatively new online dating site has now caused controversy in the UK after its owners, based in Denmark with offices now located around the world, declared they are going to open up in the UK market and the reason they’ve held back for so long is due to the fact that British women are ugly.

Now you might be suitably offensive by such a comment but the Secret Diamond Club is no ordinary website for its sole purpose is to match worlds the rich and beautiful.

Shallow Online Dating Club for the Rich and Beautiful

On that note you have to stand back and ask yourself how shallow could a person’s life get when wealthy men are simply looking for a trophy girlfriend/wife and the women simply want a boyfriend/husband that is loaded.

Online dating websites work on the underlying principle of helping people to find love but anyone with half a brain can instantly see that this is not the remit of the Secret Diamond Club or the goal of its members.

Watch the video above; frankly it’s appallingly sad to see what rich men and so-called beautiful women will engage in for what is nothing short of a materialistic relationship.

If you’re a guy and you’re wealthy then it’s irrelevant what you look like providing you can stump up the fees.  For a single regional membership you’ll pay $10,000, for a multiple regional membership it’s $50,000 and for worldwide membership it’s a staggering $100,000.

Considering the fees this will of course only attract the truly wealthy which in turn attracts beautiful gold-diggers; it is the ultimate honey pot.

So what about the girls? Well you’re going to need a few bucks and you’d better be good looking for joining fees are based solely on your looks.

According to the Secret Diamond Club each female member has to provide three specific photographs and these are then provided to an independent panel that assess your beauty; basically the more beautiful they consider you to be the lower your membership fees.

Well take a look at the video and you’ll get the entire picture. Again I see no value in such other than attempting to pair people off in what is little more than a shallow cattle market.

Of course if you are a wealthy man with the self-esteem of a garden worm who simply wants to parade a woman like some form of trophy or a woman who covets money over happiness, then I’m sure that the Secret Diamond Club will be perfect for your lifestyle.

I have to say I’m amazed at how websites such as the Secret Diamond Club exist, let alone flourish, which really does testify that people have become far more concerned with materialist gain… could it be any sadder?

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