Should Islam be Outlawed in Britain?

by Editor | May 3, 2014 2:46 am

SHOULD ISLAM BE OUTLAWED IN BRITAIN? – According to many Muslims the British don’t really understand Islam and in that context have little or no right to admonish it or indeed call for Islam to be outlawed.

There is however a growing argument that we don’t need to know very much other than the Islamic rule of apostasy[1] for this single piece of Islamic ideology alone suggests that the faith of Islam rules by oppression and therefore goes against the core principle of democracy that is defended so vehemently in the western hemisphere.

Under the teaching of Islam any Muslim who attempts to reject or denounced the teachings of Allah and the prophet Mohammed is subjected to the death penalty.

In Britain, and indeed across western nations, the principle of democracy gives everyone the right to freely express themselves, the right to free speech and above all the right to religious practice; but there is a growing concern that Muslims are simply using our democracy to force upon us a religious principle that is totalitarian at best.

We often talk about humanity and preventing crimes against humanity; after all the principles of democracy demand such, however, in our view any religion that uses an ideology of fear, in this case the fear of being murdered, it is not only undemocratic but evidently evil to its core.

We can count a number of atrocities or crimes against humanity including oppression and murder and by allowing the perpetration of the Islamic faith in the UK we are effectively turning our backs on humanity and democracy in order to bow down to religious sensitivity.

In the video below Pat Condell effectively dismantles the ideology that Islam is a religion of peace within 6 minutes.

It could be argued, and often is, that by banning Islam in Britain such a move would effectively remove their democratic right to the freedoms it upholds.

In our view you can’t take away something that someone doesn’t believe in; look at any Middle Eastern country, such as Saudi Arabia, and asks yourself if it is a country ruled by democratic principles or religious ideology.

Of course the answer is obvious and therefore democracy doesn’t exist and indeed cannot exist under the religious teachings of Islam and therefore banning Islam in Britain couldn’t possibly be undemocratic for they hold no values to such a political ideology; although they continue to use it against us in order to fuel their own ideologies in the pretext of converting all of Britain to Islam and therefore denying us our democratic freedoms.

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