Should Marine A Face Life Imprisonment for Executing a Taliban Prisoner?

SHOULD MARINE A FACE LIFE IMPRISONMENT FOR EXECUTING A TALIBAN PRISONER? – As the events in the trial of three British Marines unfold this particular question is being asked time and time again.

The Royal Marine in question still has his identity hidden and for very good reason; we all know what happened to Lee Rigby by terrorists.

Marine A

What we do know is that Marine A served on the front-line with 42 Commando unit and even survived being blown up by insurgents during a patrol in an armoured vehicle in Iraq.

But does his experience in Iraq give him the right to execute a prisoner, regardless of that prisoner’s affiliation to a political ideology?

There are of course two sides to every argument.  It could be argued that the Taliban are fighting in order to regain control over their own sovereign nation and that its occupancy is illegal.

We’ve already had a number of reports on the Iraqi War; none of which appear to provide any justification.

On November 8, we published an article on how the Chilcot Inquiry has just been buried by the establishment and within the article we clearly laid out the atrocities and none more so than allowing the likes of Tony Blair to get away scott free of murdering 500,000 innocent men, women and children – this figure continues to rise and does not include the number of brave men and women who are employed in the armed services.


Iraq War Cover Up: Chilcot Inquiry Gets Buried

Today the Daily Mail uncovered more underhanded moves to suppress the Chilcot Inquiry after former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen wrote a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to remove Sir Jeremy Heywood from the process of whether documents should or should not be included as Sir Jeremy was in fact Tony Blair’s Press Secretary in the lead up and during the Iraqi War – see Daily Mail article.

It appears to me that the establishment appears really keen on hanging Marine A out to dry and indeed have done so by imprisoning him for a very long time.

I’ve never been to Iraq and therefore have never been subjected to the atrocities of this on-going conflict that was created in the name of getting at the oil and occupying a state that allows the U.S and UK within easy striking distance of Iran.

Our troops have been sent into harm’s way and we continue to watch many coming home in a coffin draped in the Union Jack – how many more will we allow this Government and Tony Blair to murder until we bring the REAL perpetrators to justice?

I cannot, in all good conscience, condone what Marine A; did but considering the stress and high levels of danger he and other troops face then we cannot consider his actions ‘unreasonable’ – stop and consider how you would react if your life had been threatened every day; would you be able to act in a humanitarian way knowing that the individual would not offer any such action if the roles were reversed?

Another consideration is that Marine A has been taught to kill, to show no mercy in order to protect at all costs our freedom and liberty; and yet when he is sent into battle we want to wash our hands of all responsibility for his actions – yes, we are as guilty of this execution as Marine A and in fact more so, for we provided the training, the weapons and set him loose on the enemy.

Again the execution / murder cannot be condoned, but we must at all costs point the finger at those ultimately responsible and these are Tony Blair for initiating what is clearly an illegal act of aggression against a sovereign state and David Cameron for continuing to support it.

As we are now aware, Marine A has indeed been convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Currently Marine A is fighting a legal battle so that his name is not released; his lawyers argue and rightly so in our opinion, that revealing his details will put him and his family at grave risk from Muslim extremists – I doubt that will weigh heavy on the conscience of Tony Blair and David Cameron for it appears they have none.

Consider that Marine A is a 15 year veteran who has served no less than six tours of duty in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan and yet despite continuously putting his life in peril we have achieved nothing more than locking him up for our sins.

I do feel remorse, as I know others will do, for the life of the insurgent Marine A took but Marine A was never trained to show compassion or remorse, we trained him to do a job so that we didn’t have the blood on our hands.

We now have campaigners who want Marine A’s identity to be published all in the name and principle of ‘open justice’.

Yes, justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done; but if such a practice puts him at further risk, can we really live with any possible consequences – do you not think that we have put this man in harm’s way enough for our freedom and liberty throughout his career?

Last week Armed Forces General Sir Nick Houghton condemned the killing and stated that it would be ‘quite wrong’ for troops to be treated differently than civilians in the eyes of the law.

To that statement has this to say… Maybe it’s time that Sir Nick Houghton, Tony Blair and David Cameron were subjected to the same treatment; that being sent to Iraq and to fight on the front lines with scant equipment and on their return arrest them and try them all for mass murder.

Yes, it’s so easy for the establishment to point the finger whilst their school chums work in the background in order to hide and cover up their own criminal acts.

What is crystal clear from the trial and conviction is this… the murdered Taliban didn’t get justice; his homeland is still illegally occupied.

The British public didn’t get justice; we simply allowed the establishment to hang one of our own out to dry in order to protect those in power.

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  • SaiLangKham

    We have an entire generation of politicians (and of judiciary) who have never seen combat. Indeed few of this generation of politicians have even served in the military… or served anywhere for that matter! School, University, adviser, MP seems to be the way these days.

    War is unpleasant and the worst wars are those that are asymmetric. What Marine ‘A’ did was clearly wrong, but our politicians either don’t understand the context or choose not to do so. ‘Look how fair is British Justice’. Poppycock! This brave young man has been hung out to dry in the name of political correctness and to assuage the consciences (such as they are) of our political class.

    • meebal

      Thanks for your comment. Yes what he did was wrong but it was also in the heat of war – basically they are blaming a trained killer for killing; right after they trained him and set him lose.

      Britain I’m afraid has lost the plot and if it was to my devices I’d try every politician for treason. Really a disgraceful and vile bunch.