Should Men Only Clubs Be Allowed?

Should Men Only Clubs Be Allowed?

SHOULD MEN ONLY CLUBS BE ALLOWED? – For centuries men have formed clubs or societies that forbid entry to women.  A pure Men Only establishment even bars the employment of women so as to ensure no female presence is ever detected within the hallowed walls of the establishment.  But considering the perceived enlightened age in which we live should the Men Only Clubs and Societies be permissible in this day and age?

There are of course Women’s Rights Groups, such as the National Organization for Women (NOW) that say men should not be allowed to have such establishments due to its sexist nature, and of course with this also comes the Men’s Rights Groups.

There are, and always will be, opposing views and sides to each group, with the Men’s rights activists often insisting that men are discriminated against by women far more than men discriminating against their female counterparts.  Is this true?  If you were to ask a Women’s activist group you are like to get a completely different point of view.  The truth here is that both men and women actively discriminate against each other on a regular basis and on a whole plethora of issues.

Note earlier I used the terms ‘enlightened age’ which would suggest that we, as humans, have developed a greater understanding towards each other and even a higher level of appreciation. However, if this was the case then why is there a need for activist groups, for either men or women?

Can we simply not accept that we are fundamentally different in our thinking and perceptions and leave it at that?  Do we really need to engage in trying to mould one another into the type of people we are – change is all well and good but isn’t it clear that Men Only Clubs exist for the sole purpose of getting away from the incessant nagging of what should be done and how it should be done.

For many men, the Men Only Clubs are a refuge from their daily lives with women and a sanctuary where they are finally able to break free of the stress of being around women.

On that little note, does not the women benefit from the institutions that only permit men to enter?  Are the Men Only Clubs not a way to get rid of the men and give a woman a moment’s peace from their partners?

The contention, for women, appears to be that the Men Only Clubs are discriminatory and therefore should not be allowed under law.  However the Men Only establishments have been around for centuries and do little harm to the sanctity of marriage or partnership between man and woman.

Surely, if statistics were available, they would clearly show no real correlation between divorces due to the man being a member of a Men Only Club?  Who knows, maybe I am wrong, maybe thousands of marriages are dissolved each year due to men’s involvement is such establishments, but I have my reservations that this is the case.

I just asked my partner if she would take offense if I joined a Men’s Only Club, just to see if she would head for the kitchen to grab the frying pan, however she said I could please myself and quite frankly it would get me from under her feet for a while – she just offered to pay for the annual membership.

I guess not all women take umbrage with the fact that some men want their own space, just as many women do.  If you think about it, how many women have a ‘Girls Night Out’ and how many men have a ‘Boys Night Out’ – isn’t this simply a simplified version of a Man or Woman Only Club, albeit that it is not contained in a particular premises?

In this so called enlightened age why can woman simply not accept the fact that men need their space?  Is it so terrible that a man feels he needs time away from the reality of domestic life and indulge himself, for a few hours, with his own kindred spirits in order to regenerate the cells?

I personally feel that women would feel so affronted by the notion of the Men Only Club if we did in fact live in an enlightened age, as the woman and the man would understand and respect each other enough to realize that we are so very different and sometimes these differences need to be expressed and for men the Men Only Clubs is the perfect way to display these differences to their opposite sex.

Well that’s my synopsis, I’m off to grab and beer, but not before I put in my order, to my little woman, for tonight’s dinner, after all the Woman’s Club surely has to be the kitchen.

And with that sexist statement out of the way I will make my exist but before I do, just remember; if we all had a little more sense of humor and a little more understanding of each other than issues such as sex discrimination would never have any reason to be inaugurated into legislation – maybe we need these laws to remain enlightened, but I would much rather see a little more understanding and respect, from both sexes.

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  • Donna Wozny

    Oh, I say absolutely men need a club, or a group of guys to hang around with. Whether as you said it is a night of cards, bowling, or just hanging round the garage I think it makes them better men. You know, all that male bonding started long ago with the first hunting party and they crave it still. Let them have it, I am not threatened in the least!