Should People be Admonished for NOT Voting?

SHOULD PEOPLE BE ADMONISHED FOR NOT VOTING? – Recently Jeremy Paxman caused controversy by announcing that he abstained from voting in the last election.

Mr. Paxman’s perception was that he couldn’t, in all good conscience, vote for a political party that had no substance and little in the way of direction.

As you are no doubt aware Mr. Paxman receives a very handsome remuneration from the BBC as a Political interviewer; in fact he earns approximately £1 million a year from grilling politicians on all manner of political and social issues.

Mr. Paxman’s revelation certainly caused outrage among politicians and the public; in that he should have no right to remark or rebuke a system that he himself failed to cast a vote on.

As the news broke and spread of Mr. Paxman’s lack of participation to the democratic process of electing a Government, published an article on the subject and within the article openly admitted that I didn’t vote in the last four General Elections.

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Oh yes, I got some flack over that for I, as the editor of which publishes no end of comments of political and social issues, should have no right to admonish a system in which I failed to cast a vote.

Today I want to explore this issue a little deeper so that people might understand why people like myself, Mr. Paxman and many others, refuse to vote but continue to voice their opinions.

I, like many others, feel that democracy no longer exists in the Western hemisphere.  Yes, our Government does so love to laud the attributes of an enlightened democratic society but it has become apparent that democracy no longer exists.

I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again – your democracy goes as far as casting a vote; from that point on your vote merely appoints the next dictator who is effectively told what to do by the banks and corporations – welcome to the world of the ‘lobbyist’.

To cement this idea let’s look at two specific instances this year where democracy has failed to materialise.

Firstly we have Sir David Nicholson who as NHS Chief Executive was fully responsible for the deaths of over 1,200 patients at the Mid-Staffordshire hospital.

In the pursing months Sir David was investigated, exposed and uncovered as nothing more than an incompetent fool that was vastly overpaid by the taxpayer; some even suggested that he should stand trial on the charge of ‘corporate manslaughter’.

The result was vast public outcry resulting in the masses demanding David Cameron sack Sir David.

Did the democratic voice of the people result in the sacking of Sir David?  The answer as we all know was ‘NO’.  In fact, despite overwhelming public calls for his dismissal, David Cameron had the audacity to refuse the sacking of Sir David.

In the pursing months more stories broke on how Sir David had covered up, paid off and perverted the course of justice but again David Cameron stood firm and refused to bow to public pressure.

The second example is that over Britain’s membership in the European Union.  It’s not just the public who has cried for a referendum but also businesses and even other MPs and Ministers.

Have we been given a referendum?  The answer is ‘NO’ in fact despite growing opposition to our involvement in the EU, David Cameron is effectively sticking his fingers in his ears and singing ‘la la la’ for he doesn’t want to listen and he certainly doesn’t want to consider a referendum; just because he or rather the banks and corporations feel that we are better off in Europe.

Do you still think you are living in a democracy?

There are quite frankly, dozens of instances I could detail here where David Cameron has refused to acknowledge the democratic voice of the people.

Why do I not vote and why are a growing number of others abstaining from voting?  Are our actions un-democratic or even un-patriotic as some suggest?

I strongly believe that almost 80% of the British public should not be allowed to vote for they simply haven’t got a clue what they are voting for.

The issues with the British public is that of indoctrination and fear – we’ve been brainwashed into voting in what is nothing more than a dictator controlled by the banks and corporations and we’ve been subjected to fear; that is if we don’t vote then democracy will collapse and then where will Britain be?

It’s nothing short of a lie; but obviously an effective one when you consider the numbers of people who do vote – all in the hope that the next dictator will make things better but where in reality the masters, that being the banks and corporations, have not changed and their agenda is clear – keep the people poor, despondent and above all fearful for these elements allow for unequivocal control.

If you have any doubts to this statement then read…

Money Controlling the Social Divide

The article above explores how debt is created by banks, corporations and Government in order to retain control over the citizen.  This has nothing to do with a conspiracy or a theory but rather pure hard facts of how a modern political system works.

Should you vote in the next General Election?  That really depends on your own conscience and whether you can find a political party that will no longer be held to ransom by the banks and corporations.

People, in my view, need to start asking a different question – that is not what the Government will do for me but rather what it will do for the nation and whether their actions will be implemented using a system of democracy; in other words giving the citizen the right to vote.

Government will tell you that it’s impossible to consult with the public on every issue and to a degree that is correct. However there are major issues such as an EU referendum, or reducing welfare that could be voted on and within a system that is completely democratic.

We live in a digital age where computers and the internet are widely available.  Yes, not everyone has a computer or access to the internet at home but there are libraries and other public buildings that have these facilities.

It has been explored before that citizens each be given a unique ID so that they can vote online and such a system is not beyond technical capabilities – far from it.

What is beyond our reach are those in power for they continue to refuse to allow such a system in order to bring back democracy and remove banks and corporations grip on society.

If you must vote then do so with your conscience. Ask each political candidate whether they would implement an electronic voting system; if they refuse or start to give you reasons why such a system cannot be implemented then you know you have another dictating liar standing in front of you and who, in their right mind and in any good conscience, would even consider voting for such a person or political party?

We need to change in order to bring back democracy; we are not children who need controlling or rather citizens saddled with massive debt in order to control.

I for one will ask every political candidate that knocks on my door if they are prepared to implement an electronic democratic voting system and if not then the door will be firmly closed in their face for I will not now or ever again be responsible for voting in a dictator.

Vote if you must but know what you are voting for or your vote will be as hollow as the promises made in the political manifestos each party will be waving under your nose.

It could of course be argued that by not casting a vote then you are in effect voting for the entrenched establishments of the major political parties.  Some even consider that not voting is a form of voting in that you simply allow any party to take power in which your democratic rights are then wavered.

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