Should the UK Pull Out of Europe?

SHOULD THE UK PULL OUT OF EUROPE? – There is heated debate at Whitehall over the up and coming speech that David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is about to give to its European Partners.  Some are saying that the outcome of his speech could well see the UK leaving Europe and result in the UK Coalition Government collapsing.

Germany, France and indeed many other EU State Members, and even the United States, are asking the UK not to abandon the EU.

So what is on the table and why?  For starters David Cameron has already voiced his concern that if the UK does not remain in the EU it could harm its position, both financially and politically.

There is heated debate at Whitehall over the up and coming speech that David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is about to give to its European Partners.

Many EU State Members are voicing their concerns and even accusing the UK of blackmailing the EU into submission and many believe that the UK should not be allowed to renegotiate its position, from one of a full member to that of simply a trading partner – many EU State Members are stating that if the UK wants to pull out then it should not have the privileges of trade or any other involvement.

The British public, for the most part, sees the EU as interference in UK internal policies and law.  The EU is directly responsible for the reasons the UK has so many immigrants, both legal and illegal that are putting a severe strain on the economy.  Of course there are many other issues that give the British public reasons for wanting to pull out of a system, they feel, are set up mainly to the benefit of Germany, France and those member states that need bailing out by the British Taxpayer.

David Cameron, has vowed to seek a loser agreement with the EU, mainly covering trade and if unsuccessful, put a referendum to the British people to see if they want to pull out altogether or in part – it is in the area of ‘in-part’ that Europe and its member states are unlikely to accommodate and therefore David Cameron fully realises that this could spell an end to the UK’s involvement in the EU.

Along with other EU Member States; and even our own Prime Minister, stating that it would be madness to pull out of Europe, the White House also clearly makes its point that the UK should not pull out of Europe and this would only make the European a weaker and less stable union.

The problems here are highly complex and I am not sure that David Cameron, the EU and even the United States is laying all the cards on the table over this debate.  Surely if David Cameron, the EU and the United States want Britain to remain in the EU it should lay everything out in an open and honest way so that the British public, if a referendum ever sees the light of day, can at least form an educated decision and properly weigh up the pros and cons of EU membership.

Many fear that if a referendum was tabled to the British public, they would vote in an overwhelming majority to pull out of Europe, however a similar referendum was held in 1975 and at the time there were fears from some quarters that this would be the case and yet, at the time, the British opted to stay in.  Of course much has changed since 1975 and with the recent bailouts of Greece, Spain and Italy, compounded with immigration issues, the British people are tiring of being the ones to foot the bill for all of Europe’s mistakes.

I still believe there is a lot the British public are not being told.  Why is the United States so concerned about the UK pulling out of Europe?  What possible affect could it have on them?  For a starter, the U.S has contributed billions of dollars in keeping the European Union together and it also sees the UK as a very close partner and one who will help the U.S get what it wants from its NATO partners.

For me I personally feel this goes deeper and on an issue that nobody really wants to talk about, and that is military might.  The United Kingdom, even thought a small country, still has a reasonable sized force and one that is highly trained and fully adept to warfare.  The UK has over the centuries learned how to deal with its foes and the question has to be asked; “How segregated would the UK become from NATO?”  If the UK is removed from NATO due to lack of EU membership, how and where does this put the other EU member and the U.S?

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