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Sick and Tired of the Benefits Cheats

Sick and Tired of the Benefits Cheats

SICK AND TIRED OF THE BENEFITS CHEATS – Over the last couple of months I’ve become a bit of a fan.  I’ll admit that some of the news opinions are a little raw but it’s refreshing to see that some news websites are willing to explore the bigger issues and indeed allow people like me to express an opinion; it is as points out my democratic right to do so.

Benefits Cheats


Benefits Cheats – Left: Johura Bengum | Right: Mohammed Choudary

Today I read an article in the Daily Mail of yet another benefits cheat fleecing the welfare system and quite frankly I’m sick to the back teeth of people being allow to steal my hard earned taxes.

Full story … Daily Mail

As you can read from the link above Johura Begum, 32 has just been convicted and sentenced to a whole eight months for stealing £82,000 of the taxpayer’s money through benefit fraud.

During her trail she claimed that she couldn’t work because of two car accidents that her husband caused and that she was also unaware that the her husband ran a successful Tandoori restaurant that raked in over £400,000 a year.

On top of that Johura Begum also claimed that she was unaware that the house she was claiming housing benefit on was in fact owned by her own mother.

It gets worse, of course it gets worse, for her father, who moved to Britain over 40 years ago and still doesn’t speak a word of English was also allegedly involved however the prosecution case against him was dropped.

As for her husband Mohammed Choudary, he didn’t bother turning up for his sentencing and therefore the courts have issued a warrant for his arrest.

Now I suspect that I’m about to be labeled a racist so let me clear up a few facts… for starters I’m of Jewish decent and lost family members to the gas chambers; so I’m fully aware what real racism means.

I’m also married to a wonderful person of Asian descent who is in full agreement with what I have written in this article.

I am really tired of the liberals and politicians hiding behind the notion of racism; if you really want to know what racism is then speak to the families of victims of the holocaust – you might then truly understand what racism and indeed bigotry is.

The most disturbing part of the Daily Mail’s article is not in facts the content of the story but rather the blindness of the readers.

Again the article tells how Johura Begum was dragged kicking and screaming from the dock to the prison cells and almost all of the reader comments were one of adulation and celebration that justice had prevailed.

Unfortunately that’s not how I see it.  What I see is yet another foreign migrant who has just fleeced the taxpayer out of £82,000 and gotten away with it.

Her sentence of just eight months, which equates to about 8 weeks inside, is nothing more than offensive and I find nothing in this to celebrate.

The truth is Johura Begum will spend approximately 8 weeks in a cushy warm cell with TV, food and all the recreation you could want; it’s a damn sight more than our pensioners get and has nothing to do with justice.

It costs me and other taxpayers approximately £40,000 a year to keep a person in prison; that equates to approximately £770 a week.

If Johura Begum were to spend the entire sentence locked up it means we have to fork out about £27,700.

Add this to the money she’s already stolen and the taxpayer is now out of pocket by over £109,700.  This figure doesn’t include the cost of the police, benefits investigation, judge, jury and crown prosecution; at a conservative estimate you could easily add a further £50,000 to the bill.

Now that it’s all done and dusted, that is Johura Begum has be found guilty and incarcerated, what next?

The answer to that conundrum is obvious; Johura Begum will be released from prison and upon release will declare that she has no place of abode and no money – yes the abuse will continue for it’s a foregone conclusion that Johura Begum will once again be fleecing the taxpayer and how anyone can see the justice in this debacle is beyond comprehension.

What would have been justice is the following:

1.  She received a minimum of six lashes and then immediately deported.

2.  Her husband’s assets should have been confiscated by the courts in order to sell them off to pay back the taxpayer for the entire cost and then he should have been deported.

Yes it’s just two simple steps but one’s that would have produced justice that didn’t involve the allowing of public funds to be stolen and then subsequently wasted on a system of justice that is nothing short of farcical.

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