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Sickening Muslim Video Glorifying Murder of Lee Rigby

Sickening Muslim Video Glorifying Murder of Lee Rigby

SICKENING MUSLIM VIDEO GLORIFYING MURDER OF LEE RIGBY – Royal Barnes, 23 and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, made and uploaded no less than three sickening videos that basically glorified the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London last May.

From the video above you can hear the two mocking his death claiming that this was the result of British Foreign Policy; policies that allow scum like this to reside in Britain and generally at the taxpayer’s expense.

Terrorists - Royal Barnes, 23 and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22

Image Above – Left: Royal Barnes | Right: Rebekah Dawson

Any normal or rational person would of course abstain from visiting or staying in a place that they find offensive and through peaceful democratic process voice their concerns.

Unfortunately we are once again left in no doubt that Muslim’s who support terrorism are devoid of any rational behaviour and certainly lacking any form of humanity.

It might come as comfort to some that Royal Barnes yesterday pleaded guilty to three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder during his hearing at the Old Bailey.

His despicable counterpart Rebekah Dawson insisted on wearing her veil in court; yes a religious headdress that conveniently allows such vile and despicable creatures to hide their identity.

Both are now awaiting sentencing but it’s most unlikely that justice will not prevail for the outcome might be just a few years inside, after which they will both be permitted to remain in the UK and live no doubt off the backs of the taxpayer.

Once again stands by a previously published article in which we suggested that to have peace we should give the Muslims exactly what they want.


Maybe We Should Surrender to Islamic Terrorists for the Sake of Community Cohesion

There should be only one of two sentences for a terrorist; the first should be the death penalty and if that’s not applicable then it should be the stripping of any UK citizenship and then summarily deported to whichever Middle Eastern country they feel is more attune to their religious and cultural ideologies.

It’s time we realised that kow-towing to the Muslim community for the sake of so-called community cohesion isn’t winning the war on terrorism but simply fuelling it by allowing them to hide behind the perception of racism and bigotry.

I have a number of Muslim friends and not one of them would condone an act of terrorism and they are also fully aware that the Muslim community needs to do more in order to oust those Muslims who are willing to engage in terrorism.

It’s time we took a clear stance and declare to the Muslim community leaders that they are either with us or against us and allow our internal security services to probe deep, make arrests and deport or execute those found guilty.

I suspect such a notion will have the liberals popping anti-depressants but what is more beneficial to society… a group of terrorists free to murder or a judicial system that is willing to eradicate terrorism or at least tackle it in a measurable way?

The likes of Barnes and Dawson are many and the terrorists long ago declared war on innocent civilians and troops alike; maybe it’s time we treated the war on terror as an actual war and took decisive steps to take the war directly to them.

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