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Simon Beck: Incredible Snow Artwork

Simon Beck: Incredible Snow Artwork

SIMON BECK: INCREDIBLE SNOW WORKS - Simon Beck is an artist with an unusual gift and extreme physical endurance.  Wearing snowshoes, he will walk endlessly for hours to create designs in fallen snow that are simply amazing; and if he wants them to be captured he needs to quickly photograph them as soon as they are finished because any stiff wind or snowstorm can completely erase what was just created.

Like a human Spirograph, Beck may appear to be walking in circles or as though he is suffering from snow madness, but he has an innate ability of awareness that leads him in the right direction every time.  Beck, an Englishman travels to Savoie, France where there are pockets of landscape that are flat and wide, yet sheltered by mountain ridges making them perfect for designing the creations nestled in his mind. With the help of a compass, marker sticks and rope to “map” out his designs, he dons a pair of snowshoes and trudges off, many times working tirelessly for several 9-10 hour days.

If your breath wasn’t taken away by the video, take a look at the following pictures; I am sure you will be more than impressed and perhaps inspired to encourage little ones or maybe even yourself, to do a little artistic walking.  It all begins with one step.

Simon Beck Snow Artwork - Image 1

Simon Beck Snow Artwork - Image 2

Simon Beck Snow Artwork - Image 3

Simon Beck Snow Artwork - Image 4

Simon Beck Snow Artwork - Image 5

Simon Beck Snow Artwork - Image 6

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