Simply Stunning Snow Sculptures

SIMPLY STUNNING SNOW SCULPTURES – Spring may be just around the corner, but snow is still falling in many parts of the world.  With some areas setting new snowfall records, this has been a great year for snow enthusiasts.

Snow sculpting has become a popular and challenging sport.  Contests are held all over the world, wherever there is snow.  Local competitions encourage individual or small team creations, while regional and national competitions inspire teams of 30-40 people working alongside one another to create snow sculpture displays that will take your breath away.

They will use everything from shovels to spoons and anything in between.  Whatever they can think of to carve, poke a hole, smooth or shape the snow into the form they desire.

Put on your coat and grab a cup of hot cocoa because we are going to take a tour of some of the best entries of previous years.

Incredible building made from snow.

Winged Horses carved from snow

Steam Locomotion carved from snow.

Stunning snow sculpture of a woman's head.

Stunning 16th Century Building carved entirely from snow.

Native woman's head lovingly carved from snow.

Church carved entirely from snow.

London Place built and carved from snow.

Chinese Dragon carved from snow.

Amazing Snow Sculptures - Image 10

Cartoon characters carved from snow.

Amazing Snow Sculptures - Image 12

Stunning horses carved from snow.

Are you inspired or a bit in awe?  You are probably wondering how they do it.  The experts all agree that you must begin with the perfect snow.  To test it: Grab a few handfuls and see how it packs.  Roll it into a snowball and if it holds its shape, drop it and see what happens.  If it stays round, then you have the perfect snow for sculpting.  Now all you need is a shovel, an idea and snow…………..lots of it!

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