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Sir David Attenborough Calls for Cat Owners to Help Save Garden Birds

Sir David Attenborough Calls for Cat Owners to Help Save Garden Birds

SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH CALLS FOR CAT OWNERS TO HELP SAVE GARDEN BIRDS – Most people will attest to being bird lovers; after all they come in a vast variety and in part they rely on us to help them survive and indeed flourish.

Sir David Attenborough is now calling upon all cat owners to help save the birds in gardens by fitting a cat collar with a bell in order to reduce the extraordinary high numbers of bird deaths caused by a growing population of cats.

Sir David Attenborough Calls for Saving Birds

Despite the love, care and attention we lavish on our cats they remain instinctively predators and according to Sir David Attenborough are now having a devastating impact on the number of birds as more and more homeowners have cats as pets.

For some, the sound of a bell that continuously tinkles might be somewhat annoying but like most things you can tune out the noise, however this will certainly help the birds in your garden from falling victim to their predatory habits.

Sir David Attenborough feels that the small cost of a cat collar with a bell will provide an enormous boost in the battle for survival and none more so than in the winter months as millions of homeowners with cats puts food out for the birds.

Sir David Attenborough stated in a recent Radio 4 show, that whilst a picture of a Robin hopping around in the winter garden looks idyllic there is in fact a harsh battle for survival going on; most of us appreciate this by placing food for the birds but this simply gives our cats the opportunity to kill even more birds.

Robins especially have become to rely on the food we put out; Sir David Attenborough went on to say that people will notice when you dig over the vegetable patch you can often see a Robin perching nearby – they are waiting for you to turn over the soil and unearth worms, grubs and beetles.

Robin in Your Garden

To put things into perspective, a recent study declared that up to 55 million garden birds are killed each year due to household cats; a figure that will continue to rise if we don’t take responsible measures.

If you do own a cat then please fit a collar with a small bell; it’s a small price to pay in order to help the birds in your garden, not just in the winter time but all year round.

Let’s be honest… how empty would our gardens look if we didn’t see the traditional Robin hopping about looking for food.

As animal lovers, we at are sure you will agree that we need to do more and will certainly support Sir David Attenborough’s campaign to fit a collar with a bell on our cats in order to help save the birds in our gardens.

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