Sir Jeremy Heywood to Face Grilling Over Blocking Chilcot Inquiry

by Editor | May 11, 2014 5:44 am

SIR JEREMY HEYWOOD TO FACE GRILLING OVER BLOCKING CHILCOT INQUIRY – If you’ve been living in a cave since 2003 then you won’t know anything about the Chilcot Inquiry so let me enlighten you.

The Chilcot Inquiry is a document that is supposed to reveal whether or not former Labour Leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair and former U.S President George W. Bush invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq illegally.  It’s that clear cut; the whole premises of the Chilcot Inquiry is to provide the public with the truth.

With that out of the way I can tell you that you are about to witness yet another farce and indeed yet another way to waste vast sums of your taxes for MPs and are now intending to publicly question Sir Jeremy Heywood as to why he has continuously blocked the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry.

Why is this a farce and a waste of public money?  The truth of the matter is that the politicians such as Sir Jeremy Heywood, Tony Blair and all those involved in the Iraqi War do not want the truth revealed.


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The truth of course is out there but the public are never going to be privy to it for it would result in a number of key politicians, including Sir Jeremy Heywood and Tony Blair facing a trial at The Hague for murder and crimes against humanity.

Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood[1]Such a trial, if they were proven to be guilty, would result in only one outcome; that being the hangman’s noose which was exactly what Saddam Hussein was subjected to for his crimes of mass murder and crimes against humanity.

Who is Sir Jeremy Heywood?  He is currently the Cabinet Secretary but during the lead up to and invasion of Iraq he was also one of Tony Blair’s closest aides and confidants and the last thing he wants is to have secret documents of conversations between Tony Blair and former U.S President George W. Bush revealed to the public.

Consider this carefully… why would anyone attempt to hide anything where no guilt exists? By the very nature of attempting to conceal key evidence it consequently suggests that there is in fact wrongdoing to hide and therefore the assumption of guilt becomes increasingly evident.

People by their very nature do not hide or attempt to hide information that would exonerate any criminal activity and therefore the longer the Chilcot Inquiry is suppressed from being published the more the public sentiment will lean towards those involved being guilty of crimes against humanity.

MPs have recently stated that Sir Jeremy is to be ardently questioned by a Public Administration Select Committee; in our view the only thing the public will witness is more lies, more rhetoric and further attempts to hide the truth and in the process pick up a bill that will undoubtedly run into hundreds of thousands of pounds; the Chilcot Inquiry already runs into several millions of pounds and we are nowhere near having the truth revealed.

For several months Sir John Chilcot, the chairman of the Iraq inquiry, has wanted the letters between Tony Blair and George W. Bush released and yet at every turn Sir Jeremy Heywood, the country’s most senior civil servant has denied the request.

Note carefully Sir Jeremy Heywood’s position, he’s a civil servant… that’s right a ‘servant’ of the people and therefore under a democracy he should have no other remit than to supply his employees (that’s you the taxpayer) with the documents they require.

Of course there is the issue of the Official Secrets Act which often allows politicians like Sir Jeremy to bury the truth and in this instance that’s exactly what he is attempting to do.

Democracy… well it’s just a word to a politician which bears no significance for if it did the papers would have been released for some 58% of the public, in the last poll, declared that the nation’s intelligence wouldn’t be compromised by revealing the truth.

Just last week David Cameron came out and announced that he wanted an end to the hold-ups and demanded the Chilcot Inquiry was published.

This again received fierce opposition, especially from the Labour Party, who feel that the publication ahead of the 2015 General Election would ruin their chances of an election victory and indeed accused the Prime Minister of simply attempting to bolster Tory support by dragging Labour through the dirt over what is now considered widely as an illegal incursion upon a sovereign nation.

Again, read carefully into what is being said… isn’t it clear that senior Labour figures, including Ed Miliband, already knows the truth and that the truth would destroy the Labour Party’s reputation and cast serious doubt on its validity as a political party; after all if the truth revealed that the war was illegal then who in their right mind would ever vote for a party that engaged in what was nothing short of mass murder just to get at a county’s oil reserves?

As for Mr. Cameron; he’s just as guilty for he’s been in office for four years and never has he voiced such concerns until now; that is leading up to the General Election where he and his party face being thrown out of office… yes don’t you just love his moral integrity.

It’s interesting to note that during the Survation survey, that is the survey in which the public were asked if the documents should be published, some 13% stated they should remain secret.

On this basis it clearly shows that 13% of the population are happy to allow their Government to illegally invade a sovereign nation, murder its people in the name of oil and get away with crimes against humanity of the most heinous nature… so much for Britain being a nation of humanitarians.

Again, as stated above, 58% of the morally adjusted public do feel it’s important to release the documents and ultimately reveal the truth for we cannot hold our heads up high if we continue to suppress documents that may reveal that Tony Blair and the likes of Sir Jeremy Heywood are no better than the man they condemned to death by hanging and in the process attempted to make it legal to murder over 500,000 innocent men, women and children.

That figure does not include the thousands of coalition troops that were ordered into battle on the back of a possibly illegal order that lost their lives in what could be argued as little more than to fuel the narcissism and greed of those who covet control and wealth through Iraq’s oil fields.

The Chilcot Inquiry, in our view, is not merely about bring people to justice for crimes against humanity but rather a judgement on Britain’s humanity and moral standing in the international community.

Certainly each country has its secrets but if we were to attempt to hide what may turn out to be an illegal act of aggression against a sovereign nation just for the purposes of creating wealth for a few through controlling the flow of oil then any humanitarianism or moral integrity Britain might have had can be consigned to the rubbish bin for even contemplating a cover-up is a crime against humanity itself.

Have your say… Do you think the Chilcot Inquiry should be allowed to publish the entire truth?  Leave your comments below.

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