Sir Richard Dearlove Threatens to Blow the Whistle on Iraqi War

SIR RICHARD DEARLOVE THREATENS TO BLOW THE WHISTLE ON IRAQI WAR – Ex-MI6 boss, Sir Richard Dearlove is threatening to publish his full account on the dossier that lead Britain into a costly, and probably an illegal, war with Iraq under the previous Labour Government lead by Tony Blair.

Sir Richard DearloveSir Richard has always maintained that his account wouldn’t be made available until after his death but has had a change of heart; or at least he will do if the long awaited Chilcot Inquiry fails to reveal the truth about Tony Blair’s and Alistair Campbell’s roles in ‘sexing’ up the dossier in order to justify going to war with Iraq.

It was Sir Richard who was responsible, as the then head of MI6, to provide intelligence to Tony Blair and his cabinet on the possibility of Saddam Hussein stockpiling Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s).

Sir Richard believes that Tony Blair, along with his Press Secretary, Alistair Campbell and a number of other Cabinet Ministers changed, or elaborated on, significant parts of the report in order to persuade Parliament that Saddam Hussein posed a serious threat to the Middle East and ultimately the oil supply.

Sir Richard recently told reporters that the Chilcot Inquiries chairman, Sir John Chilcot, will likely censure his information and question the accuracy of MI6 intelligence; which was gathered during operation from operatives deep inside Saddam Hussein’s regime.

“What I have written (am writing) is a record of events surrounding the invasion of Iraq from my then professional perspective. My intention is that this should be a resource available to scholars, but after my decease (may be sooner depending on what Chilcot publishes). I have no intention, however, of violating my vows of official secrecy by publishing any memoir.” Sir Richard Dearlove; ex-MI6 Chief

Sir Richard has disclosed that some of the information on WMD’s was correct but other parts are highly inaccurate; such as when Alistair Campbell informed the media that Saddam Hussein could use chemical weapons against British troops; this was the catalyst that put Britain on a direct path to war with Iraq.

Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell continue to deny that they falsified information or ‘sexed it up’ in order to persuade Parliament and the British people to stand with the President of the United States, George W. Bush, to remove Saddam Hussein from power through the nucleus of war.

In order to ensure that his actions are not shrouded in mystery Sir Richard last week wrote to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, making his intentions perfectly clear and that such action would depend solely on the final report by the Chiclot Inquiry and that his account will set the record straight.


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This is of course a bold move by Sir Richard and no MI6 Chief has ever blown the whistle on Governments involvement with military operations; but Sir Richard obviously feels that the truth must be told and if the Chiclot Inquiry won’t oblige the public then he will.

Lord Prescott has admitted that the Iraq War Was Unjustifiable. Will we finally see justice by bringing George W. Bush, Tony Blair and others to face trial for their crimes?

There is mounting evidence that the war with Iraq was illegal and this only becomes more apparent when the likes of the former Deputy Prime Minister, under Tony Blair, Lord Prescott, who recently came out to say that it was most likely that the war with Iraq was illegal; but he stressed it was not his decision and had to back the Prime Minister at the time on the evidence he had been given.

I think it’s pretty clear now that not many people think that Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell didn’t have an underhanded approach in convincing Parliament to declare war on Iraq.

Evidence against George W. Bush continues to mount in the U.S but the public feel that Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, Lord Prescott and George W. Bush are all likely to get away with murder.

Many large corporations, that evidence suggests those in power had a direct interest, have made billions of dollars from the war in Iraq, which has resulted in tens of thousands of Iraqi and Coalition Military personnel losing their lives; for what is most likely an attempt at making money and controlling the oil flow.

It was interesting to see how Saddam Hussein was finally caught, discovered holed up in and underground pit and then displayed in the Hague for the world to hear of his atrocities; for Saddam’s part, or so we are lead to believe, his trial finally resulted in a guilty verdict which lead him to the gallows.

I wonder how many will step forward to create sufficient subterfuge in order to ensure Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, Lord Prescott and George W. Bush do not suffer the same fate as Saddam Hussein.

Do you think Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, Lord Prescott and George W. Bush are guilty of war crimes?  Do you think that they should all face justice in the Hague? Please leave your comments below.

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