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Smoking Ban in Cars Carrying Children

Smoking Ban in Cars Carrying Children

SMOKING BAN IN CARS CARRYING CHILDREN – We can now expect to see the Children and Families Bill being amended within days after the House of Lords voted 222 to 197 for the introduction of a smoking ban when children are present in the car.

Some are referring to this as a ‘controversial law’ and yet again shows how Britain is being turned into a Nanny State where our lives are governed by the most ridiculous laws.

I use the term ‘ridiculous laws’ not in the sense that people should be permitted to smoke whilst they have children in the car but for the fact it requires legislation in order to force people not to engage in such an act.

There are literally thousands of tiny pieces of legislation currently in force that prevent us from doing all sorts of things and I’m beginning to wonder what type of legislative system would set about treating the entire population as if they were all 5 year olds.

This move to ban people smoking in cars whilst children are onboard came from the Labour Party and that fact alone speaks volumes for like the Liberal Democrats they would like us all living in some form of socialist utopia but one where only a few, those being in Government, have full and unequivocal control over every aspect of our lives.

Any smoker in their right mind (and if they are not they shouldn’t be driving) knows the damage smoking does to a person’s health.  Every smoker I know of is also acutely aware to the dangers of passive or second-hand smoke; it’s the reason you can no longer smoke in public buildings.

Smokers are now pretty well informed and any smoker who lights up in a vehicle whilst carrying children shouldn’t have the right to have children for they are obviously incapable of any cognitive reasoning.

On that note maybe there are sufficient idiots out there who engage in such a mindless act that we need such legislation; of course it might also be said that it’s been a slow week in the Labour Party and with nothing much else to do you have some control freak attempting to justify their salary.

Opponents to amending the Bill stated that legislating this issue might be viewed as an infringement of a person’s civil liberties and that maybe a campaign to highlight this issue would have been far more conducive in giving an educated public an educated campaign that provoked reasoning.

A number of Lords however, lead by Lord Hunt, felt that this wasn’t about appealing to the public for common sense but rather about child protection and therefore the bill received sufficient support.

There are two ways you can view this; either see it as more state control or a necessity to prevent people from harming children.

Considering the vote it goes to show that there are still many people, or at least it’s perceived that way, who do smoke in a confined space such as a motor vehicle whist children are present.

Now that the Lords have passed the Bill it’s time for the House of Commons to vote and it’s most likely this will be a free vote and could take place as soon as February 10; I would venture that such a ban will be introduced and by a landslide majority.

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