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Socialism NOT Looking So Good for French President

Socialism NOT Looking So Good for French President

SOCIALISM NOT LOOKING SO GOOD FOR FRENCH PRESIDENT – Francois Hollande has performed a rather theatrical U-turn on the French economy by announcing massive cuts in public spending and reviving the economy by acting responsibly with big businesses.

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It is no secret that each country has a love, hate relationship with their elected leader’s but Francois Hollande is likely to go down in history as the most hated French President of all time and may also the one that drove France off the financial cliff.

The underlying social policy of robbing from the rich to give to the poor is an amicable one in the moral sense but such a political stance has never produced the utopia socialists dream of; looking at Russia and China is testament to that fact and both have changed in the mainstream in order to bring prosperity to their countries.

When Mr. Hollande came to power and announced a 75% social tax on the rich it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the wealthy would feel ostracised, resulting in the only possible solution of waving a Bon Voyage to France in order to find greener more congenial pastures.

France is notorious for it bureaucracy which has never helped the economy but rather bogged it down with mountains of red tape.  What France needs now is a new President and one that will cut the civil service to the bone, burn the red tape, reduce taxation for businesses and finally get the economy moving again.

For many, the only good thing about the current French administration is there stance on immigrants; particular the Roma who appear insistent on turning France into the squalor from which they came.

The French are having none of it which is why we’ve witnessed a huge rise in popularity of Marie Le Pen and her National Front Party.  The French are running scared in that they feel France could become overrun with economic refugees and they are openly voicing the opinion that despite EU legislation these people need to be sent packing.

Has Mr. Hollande finally realised that the socialist policies he holds so dear are not a practical solution to economic prosperity.  Considering the state of France, in that it’s heading down the same road as Greece, it is a deep concern that Mr. Hollande’s socialist ideology was almost seen as a blueprint for Ed Miliband’s Labour Party; a rather disturbing revelation for the British taxpayer.

With Mr. Hollande’s current socialist policies devastating the French economy and his recent indiscretions, it is clear that the French public rue the day they ever sanctioned his rise to the highest political office in France; that of course will be unquestionably remedied in the next French General Election.

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