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Socialist Union Bosses Living the High Life

Socialist Union Bosses Living the High Life

SOCIALIST UNION BOSSES LIVING THE HIGH LIFE – It’s easy to despise a socialist, it’s even easier to despise a unionist but when you put the two together there is quite frankly nothing more despicable; for these are people who will openly vilify the rich, call upon workers to undertake militant action and all the while live in the lap of luxury in the same way of those who they purport to loathe so much.  We are of course talking about the likes of Len McCluskey and Bob Crow.

In April 2015, Len McCluskey only just held on to his lofty position as leader of the Unite Union which provides him with a salary of £122,000; a sum which is nearly five times the national average earning wage.

That’s chicken feed compared to Bob Crow the general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union whose salary exceeds £145,000; or a little over six times the national average wage.

Bob Crow and Len McCluskey

Image – Left: Bob Crow | Right: Len McCluskey – most could refer to both as little more than socialist union thugs.

It’s interesting to point out that only 15.2% of those entitled to vote actually bothered to turn out and exercise that right which leads me to suspect that maybe Britain’s work force is finally waking up to the fact that the Unions are run solely for the benefit of the Union Bosses in order to provide them with a vast salary and afford them a forum to express and force upon others their socialist agenda.

It is of course McCluskey and Crow who feel we would be far better off living in a militant society where everyone was equal in terms of pay and social status; well that is providing they are above everyone else and receive far more in the way of remuneration.

Yes tax the rich, let’s mimic the economic ideology of France and its president Francios Hollande and in the process drive the rich from the country and then effectively bankrupt it in due course.

Last week Bob Crow was sunning himself on a Rio beach after indulging himself on a £7,000 Caribbean Cruise whilst his members prepared for a national rail strike that will almost certainly bring public transport to a standstill across the capital this coming week.

Whilst Bob Crow’s members prepare to stand in the wind, rain and freezing temperatures he will almost certainly not be standing beside them in solidarity for the cause; no he’ll be nestled up in his taxpayer funded council house nursing his sunburn.

Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy. See Wikipedia

The above Wikipedia snippet pretty much defines what the likes of Mr. McCluskey and Mr. Crow would like to see Britain become but despite all their rhetoric they have no intention of living a socialist lifestyle.

Their remit is to force Government to comply with their manifesto and if Labour regains power in the 2015 General Election they would effectively have the perfect puppet in place, that being Ed Miliband, who will bend to their will and turn Britain into a socialist state.

History tells us that socialism is a wonderful idea, there again so is the concept of living in La La Land with the Teletubbies, but it’s all complete and utter nonsense.

In the 1960s and 1970s both the Wilson and Callaghan Labour Government’s attempted such and in 1976 the cost of socialism bankrupted Britain.

Is this really what the Unions and Socialists want as Britain’s future?  It appears so for socialism doesn’t provide the utopia of worker’s freedom but rather suppresses the will to progress; we’ve clearly seen the effects with Russia and North Korea.

Whilst China may continue to state that it is a socialist communist country nothing much could be further from the truth for in the last 20 years we have witnessed a vast rise in capitalism which in turn has made China a wealthy nation and indeed become the world’s super power – to deny this would be short sightedness at best.

It’s about time Union members really understood the agenda of people like Mr. McCluskey and Mr. Crow and realised that neither or indeed any Union has the worker’s rights at heart.  It is, like any socialist Marxist regime, not only suffocating but oppressive to the ultimate needs and rights of the individual and ultimately the British economy.

You cannot rule by a totalitarianism dictatorship but that’s what the social agenda carries and effectively in the long term produces a nation state similar to that of North Korea where people are forced to work for the state and the few despot dictators then rule over the populace with a rod of iron through oppression and above all fear.

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