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Soft Justice Sees Half of Child Sex Attackers Walk Free

Soft Justice Sees Half of Child Sex Attackers Walk Free

SOFT JUSTICE SEES HALF OF CHILD SEX ATTACKERS WALK FREE – The number of criminals walking free from court now runs into the tens of thousands despite being found guilty to some of the most heinous crimes; including sexually assaulting children.

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Rehabilitation; now there’s a word the liberal quarter simply loves to use.  In our modern age it is crystal clear that ‘punishment’ is now viewed as draconian, inhumane and even barbaric and therefore has been replace with the ideology that rehabilitation is far more conductive of a civilized society.

According to the Daily Mail report, just 123 out of 230 people were handed down prison sentences for sexually attacking a child and 45 out of 93 for abducting a child.

Government ministers continue to bleat on about ending soft justice in order to significantly reduce crime, however, with 97% of all those convicted for drug offenses walking free from court it appears this is yet another social area that ministers continue to fail on.

There are a number of reasons why our criminal justice system has become so soft and yet despite the issues being evident nobody appears willing, or indeed able, to take measures to make criminals once again fear the consequences of their actions.

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling recently announced that he intends pull out of the European Courts and the European Convention on Human Rights for these elements continuously override any form of British justice and effectively continue to hand out more rights to the criminals that clearly puts the public at risk.


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Labour recently accused the Government of ordering judges not to imprison criminals due to the growing cost.  Whether such an accusation carries any credence is anyone’s guess but it wouldn’t be outlandish to consider that such a factor may play a large role; after all Britain is broke and locking people up and attempting to rehabilitate them is extraordinarily expensive.

Many people are aware that the death penalty was suspended in 1965 and then finally abolished in 1969.  Such a move by the then Labour Government was in direct contravention to public opinion; in fact just 23% of the voting public supported the abolition of the death penalty at the time, however the public’s democratic majority view was summarily dismissed in order to relieve the consciences of the growing liberal left.

Fast forward to 2014 and the consensus is that if the Government were to provide a referendum on the reinstatement of the death penalty some 65% of the public would support it.

The European Convention on Human Rights does have a point in that it’s inhumane to lock away a person when they are faced with the realisation that they will never see the light of day again.  Life terms are not liberally handed out and indeed only a very small minority of prisoners currently locked up has been handed down such a sentence.

Of course the answer would be to save them from such a miserable existence and save the vast cost to the taxpayer by buying a £20 length of rope from any DIY; such a measure conclusively tackles the issues of cost and an inhumane life behind bars.

What Britain needs is a justice system that focuses on punishment rather than rehabilitation.  Consider the article link above on the issue of attempting reform Islamic terrorist; the notion for the layman is that such an attempt is not only ridiculous it’s also highly offensive, especially when considering what they are capable of and that became evident with the brutal murder of Lee Rigby.

Crimes such as terrorism, child rape, child murder, and first degree murder should all carry the death penalty.

Other crimes such as drug offences, burglary and such should be punishable by public flogging. Whilst this might appear to some as barbaric, there are others who feel that such a measure will likely result in reoffending figures plummeting.

It can be acknowledged that the death penalty is not a deterrent; but frankly it’s not meant to be.  The death penalty should be in place simply to rid society of the cost of keeping those in often plush accommodation and ensure that they are never allowed to walk the streets putting innocent lives at risk.

The issues of our criminal justice system are wide and varied but crime continues to grow and reoffending rates are running at over 95%; a figure that clearly indicates that rehabilitation does not work.

Locking up a person is not only wasteful in terms of cost, it serves no real benefit other than to allow criminals to mix with other criminals so that they may engage in educating one another to commit yet more crime.

With so many convicted criminals walking free due to the restricted numbers prisons can currently accommodate, this situation is not going to improve until we finally realise that rehabilitation doesn’t work and therefore it’s time to look to the past and use measures far more conductive towards criminal behaviour.

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