Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo in Console Sales

by Editor | June 9, 2014 3:46 am

BBC – Sony has overtaken Nintendo for the first time in eight years, based on the total number of game consoles sold.

Sony sold 18.7 million systems in the last financial year – which ended in March – compared to Nintendo’s tally of 16.3 million video games machines.

The data was first reported byJapan’s Nikkei business news site.

It is based on figures published by Nintendo ahead of a shareholders meeting, and a previously released earnings statement from Sony.

The news is not surprising.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has emerged as the bestselling “new-gen” console. But demand for Nintendo’s Wii U – with its touchscreen controller – has lagged far behind the original Wii, which was the most popular hardware of the last generation.

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