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Sperm Donor is Found Responsible for Child Support

Sperm Donor is Found Responsible for Child Support

SPERM DONOR IS FOUND RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILD SUPPORT – A court decision has been made, ruling that the sperm donor is financially responsible for the child born to a female same-sex couple. The liberal public is calling it an anti-gay anti-family issue but the ruling merely reinforces the state’s right to have parents accountable for the welfare of their children; even when one turns to the system for help.  Naturally, all three persons involved disagree.

“I feel like the state of Kansas has made a mess of the situation.” Angela Bauer (one of the mommies)

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Meebal Reader Dee says…

Humph, the state of Kansas made a mess out of the situation?  Excuse me, but were you not two women living together who wanted a baby….and from what I learned in sex education, two of the same sex cannot make a baby.

You purposely went outside the laws of nature and of man to create a family, one that would have never happened on its own and now that there are consequences, you want to blame someone else.

According to a previously written article,  ‘Craigslist Daddy‘ Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner entered into a mutual agreement with William Marrotta, making him a sperm donor and relieving him of any financial or parental rights.

That was fine until the ladies chose to divorce and although it was decided that Bauer would provide insurance and child support to Schreiner who has legal custody, it was when Schreiner applied for welfare that their troubles multiplied.

In any state, when welfare is filed on behalf of a child, the names of both parents are required.  In this way, the state can seek reimbursement for benefits from the very people who should be responsible for the child and this is exactly what happened in Kansas.

No matter what your personal opinion on homosexuality, people will live as they choose and this situation points out what happens when lines are blurred.  For years, homosexuals have been fighting for the “right to be homosexual.”

Despite what studies and polls declare, homosexuality is not seen as a normal way of life for the majority of the public.  It is accepted, tolerated and in some circles embraced but it is not considered the ideal way of life.

Mention marriage and the divide on opinion widens and while most of the public will agree that married couples should have rights like insurance and death benefits, same-sex couples are only now being allowed the opportunity in some states to marry and be entitled to share the same benefits.

Add children to the mix and a shouting match is sure to follow.  Thankfully the myths that homosexuals are predators, sexual deviants or worse have been pretty much dispelled and no longer believed, although bringing children into the home still creates confusion and an emotional response on both sides.

Bauer and Shreiner were allowed to adopt and foster 8 children even though Kansas does not recognize same sex marriage, so when they decided to have a child of their own they thought nothing of it.  Except that they couldn’t; not without some help.

And this is where the law needs to step in and make a stand.  It is wrong for any couple who cannot have children together to look outside of their marriage to make it happen. Call me old fashioned, say it must be a religious thing, whatever makes you feel good but the simple truth is that bringing a third party into a married relationship is adultery and there are consequences.

As we see in this case and in so many over the years, there are legal issues that have no clear definition and therefore no guidelines to ensure success or what to do when the situation fails and people get hurt.

Personally, I am not opposed to anyone adopting or fostering children as long as their home is a loving and safe environment that will encourage positive character; but I am against the idea of creating life through assisted means.  Just because the technology is there does not mean it should be used.

With Bauer and Schreiner no longer a couple, the courts have gone looking for Marrotta to pay child support now that Bauer cannot provide for the child; all because they fudged the lines.

By not handling the sperm donation correctly, trying to do it on the cheap, Marrotta is now legally responsible to provide monetarily for the child and while he intends on filing an appeal, the law is the law. No matter how you look at this it is a mess and now everyone’s life has been changed, all because nature was defiled.

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