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Stinky Candles Aimed at Men

Stinky Candles Aimed at Men

STINKY CANDLES AIMED AT MEN – You have to admit that life can sometimes be pretty bizarre and when it comes to companies thinking up new product ranges some certainly know how to let their imaginations run wild.

Traditionally scented candles are made to smell of nice things such as roses, lavender, lemon grass – you know all the things sweet and dare I say feminine; yes I suppose that the sexist brigade will be kicking down my door any moment but that doesn’t detract from the truth that most scented candles are aimed at the female market… until now.

Enter Stinky Candles launched by entrepreneur Jeff Bennett in Chicago who recently took up creating rather odd smelling candles for his friends as part of a joke; a joke that turned into a business and which now, under the brand name of ‘Stinky Candles’ offers a range of 25 varieties with the hopes of expanding this to 200.

Stinky Candles

So how ‘stinky’ is in fact ‘skinky’?  According to Jeff you can buy candles that produce odours of urine, body odour, fast food, vomit and even petrol.

If those don’t appeal there’s always car exhaust fumes, wet grass, wood and even money; ah yes the scent of money will no doubt appeal to many but I’m not sure I’d personally endear to the idea of filling my living room with the smell of car exhaust fumes… still, each to their own.

Jeff said that it all began as a bit of a joke in which he would create candles for his friends as gifts.  Working from his garage he enlisted the help of a fragrance house who was able to supply him with specific scents to order.

Jeff went on to say that his friends really loved the gifts; for they were unique and highly amusing and this led to the creation of Stinky Candles.

I have to admit I couldn’t see myself rushing out to buy a Stinky Candle for myself but certainly they would make for very unique and interesting gifts for friends with a warped sense of humour.

I particularly love creativity and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, for such people often bring so much to society and ultimately it is much better than being unemployed.

In order to widen his customer base Jeff has also launched a range of more traditional scented candles such as blueberry, lemon, coconut and even baby powder.

Again, I really like the idea of Stinky Candles; it’s a unique, fun and a creative way to make a living and I for one wish Jeff all the best for his future business.

I’ve included a link above if you would like to visit his website.

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